Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nominees - Double Vision

Today the GSNHOF brings you a gift. Normally you get one new name nominated at a time. Today, however, we bring you four names (and one guy who just missed the cut) since these all have something in common. They're all ridiculous redundant!

Duany Duany - Played college ball at Wisconsin after coming out of Sudan. He may have been the first Duany to play NCAA basketball (as he was the oldest son in his family, which is why his name repeats), but he was not the most successful: brother Kueth was the captain of Syracuse's 2003 championship team. Fun fact: Both these guys played high school ball for Bloomington, Indiana, my current place of residence!

Longar Longar - Also born in Sudan (but with a funnier name combo), Longar was a four year starter at Oklahoma, averaging 11.4 ppg and 5.6 rpg. He has since played in the 2008 Summer League (for the T'Wolves) and the NBA D League (for the Los Angeles D-Fenders), and this summer is playing for the Memphis Grizzlies D-League team. Fun fact: Longar was drafted by the Harlem Globetrotters in 2008 alongside the likes of Sonny Weems and Patrick Ewing Junior.

Pete Peeters (Often Spelled Pete Peters on name sites) - Was a reaaal good hockey goalie during the 80's, winning the Vezina Trophy in 1982-83 and going to several Stanley Cups. Also played for the Flyers and Capitals over his 13 year career, and recently (as in two days ago) signed on to goalie coach for the Anaheim Ducks. Fun fact: Gave up Mario Lemieux's first career goal.

Henry Henry - The Pirates made headlines earlier this year when a team of Pirates prospects lost to Mannatee Community College. Most of the headlines were related to how embarrasing it is for "professional" athletes to lose to college players, but some headlines went to the fact that the Pirates had a guy named Henry Henry playing. He's only hitting .192 this year with 0 extra base hits, but man is his name excellent. Fun Fact: Apparently there was a wacky minor league name battle a few years back, where Henry Henry made the Sweet 16 (Houston Summers took home the championship though).

That does it for the new nominees, but I know some of you may be about to comment "What about Ruben Bertrand Boumtje-Boumtje?" Well, I hate to say it, but he missed the cut. I didn't want to fill the entire next ballot with double names and found Ruben's to be the least awesome. But I know a lot of people think his name (and brief NBA career) are worthy, and so to satisfy those readers I found this video of Ruben being dunked on over and over again. To clarify once again, the first four guys are nominated, Ruben is just mentioned so you'll know why he doesn't appear on the ballot.

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