Monday, August 31, 2009

Whoever you are, I have always Depended on the Kindness of Strangers

I've made a lot of trades and received a lot of cards in my short card blogging career, but I think this one may take the cake. It's really nothing against anyone I've traded's just an epicly epic collection of cards combined with good circumstances.

You see, today's been kind of a lame day. It's the first day of classes at Indiana University, and since I only officially registered about a week and a half ago (originally I was going to attend in the spring but then was told to register for the Fall in mid august, long story) life has been somewhat frazzled. I spent all yesterday and today ensuring that I can pay my bursar bill, finding all the schedules for my classes, informing my two jobs of those schedules (I now have to quit my catering job), purchasing books, getting an ID card, and so on. Long day, to say the least, and I even got a post office stop in there to send my half of a trade to Thoughts and Sox, so bonus.

After all that shenanigans, I headed back to my apartment, stopping by the mailbox on the way in. I found happiness inside, in the form of cards I won in a contest from Dinged Corners.

Now I didn't totally know what to expect. She emailed me after the contest ended asking what my three favorite collecting types were, and I said Fred McGriff, Great Names, and Older Cards (I had one pre 1980 card until my trade with Baseball Cards Come to Life, and my oldest card was still a 1973 Mike Schmidt). She said she'd send me some good stuff, so I was obviously excited.

Card 1: Darryl Strawberry 1991 O-Pee-Chee (apparently Lucy's favorite player name, solid name, solid card!)
Darryl Strawberry
Card 2: 1972 Topps Boots Day (This card instantly became my oldest card, as well as the card that dates back the oldest, 1969. Plus this is a guy who I've long meant to write a Wannabee post about, because he's got quite the moniker. PLUS Expos, which is always nice.)
Boots Day
Card #3 1972 Topps Andy Etchebarren (Dates back to 1961 and instantly becomes the best unibrow in my entire card collection. Another demonstration of his eyebrow awesome can be found here.)
Andy Etchebarren
Card #4 1972 Topps Phil Roof (haha I love the simple names like this. And the card dates back to 1959, making it, officially, the oldest playing date I've got on a card. So cool.)
Phil Roof
Card #5 Topps Archives 1954 Topps Ray Blades (such a serious guy, nice name.)
Ray Blades
Card #6 2003 Topps Polar Bear #TF43 Pick-off Attempt at First Base

I had never seen these before, and so my first thought was what the heck. Ryan Klesko AND Ichiro Suzuki? And it folds?
Klesko Ichiro Pickoff Attempt at First Base
Folded Open (Oooo...aaahhh. Makes more sense now. Pretttttty):
Klesko Ichiro Pickoff Attempt at First Base
All of those cards were in a little card baggy together. So of course imagine my surprise when I realized that underneath the baggy was one more card, in a plastic holder of its own. Here's what it read on the outside:
Dinged Corners Note
Now I have no idea what to expect. I knew that the front cards had some oldies and some great names, so I'm thinking maybe a Fred McGriff? Well, I was right...but I definitely was not prepared for this:

2004 Topps Heritage Fred McGriff autograph
In the words of Wayne and Garth, "we (here at the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame) are not worthy."

Words cannot express the awesome. My favorite player. In his final uniform. On an already nice card. With an "auto" already. AND IT'S AUTOGRAPHED FOR REAL?

I think you will all probably understand that lifting the little sticky to find this card was like Christmas to me. Fred McGriff is my favorite player, this instantly becomes my favorite Fred McGriff card - so just wow. SOOOOO amazing.

So thank you so much Dinged Corners. I was already having a hard enough time believing the generosity of card bloggers, but the kindness behind these cards still really blindsided me. I think it's going to be one heck of a day going forward :-D.


  1. We are so glad you liked the cards! Fred McGriff, in addition to all his other wonderfulness, is known as a generous through the mail signer, and we sure found that to be true.

    By the way, we really enjoy your blog.

  2. I definitely did! And I had no idea Mr. McGriff was so generous with his signing - I may have to test that generosity with a card or two someday.

    And thanks! I'm a fan of your blog as well, especially today's post on the wonderfulness that is shiny!