Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Giveaway Bipping from Mr. Scott and a Donation Bipping from Indians Dad (NO PACKAGE IS SAFE!)

Man, when Gary Sheffield has to step in and make things right, you know you've got an epidemic on your hands. Where was Gary before Mr. Scott and Baseball Dad (and Bo and Carl Crawford Cards) bipped me? Oh well, better late than never I guess.

Of course, five of his friends stopped by since it was a Bipping:
I thought that I was only getting packs of cards from Mr. Scott's Baseball Cards, as a result of this semi contest he did. Now I did receive a few packs of 1989 Topps and one pack of 1992 Topps, from which I pulled several cards I needed for those sets. But as seen above, this giveaway quickly turned into a Bip-away. And I never saw it coming.

Here's the official bip:
Seven Tim Stauffers - noooooooooo! At least I get a free little card baggy out of it!

Mr. Scott was kind enough to throw some Gary Sheffields (as seen above) in as well for my player collection. The Sheffs were filled with mini bips:
I did need most of the Bipped cards though. He also sent me some Sheff cards that didn't come in pairs (or triplets or quadruplets), and here are my favorites:
All of the portrait cards are great (why couldn't Chicle have been like that?) and I love the 1986 Donruss throwback. I also am happy to upgrade my 1989 Topps Sheff rookie for the second time, as I've now gone from a massively creased card to a worn corners card to a mint card.

There was one final aspect to the package that wasn't a) Sheff, b) card packs, or c) Biptastic. It's a 1991 Topps Mike Felder. It was in with the Sheffs, so it was probably a mistake, but I really like it, sort of like when you order linguini at Olive Garden and a random strand of spaghetti gets on your plate. Nothing wrong with a little bonus Felder.

Moving on, another Bip that I never saw coming, this time from Baseball Dad. As some of you know, there's a project I'm working on that involves some people sending me cards that aren't for me. Baseball Dad agreed to help out, and I didn't expect any cards in his package to be for me. Well, it turned out that every other card in the package was for me, and they were all the same. That's right, it was a Bipping, but not any ordinary Bipping: It was a Studio Kenny Lofton Bip!

So let this be a lesson my card blogging friends: No package is safe. Bips come from trades, Bips come from "random generosity," Bips come from giveaways and Bips come in packages of cards that aren't even meant for you. At this point I'm almost afraid to open up my bills, as they too may someday Bip me. It's only a matter of time...


  1. Sorry about the bipps on the Sheffs as I was about to seal up your package I just grabbed my stack Sheff dupes. I quickly pulled all the ones in Yankee uniforms put the rest in the package. Enjoy the cards.

  2. Haha no worries dude, I needed tons of those Sheffs anyways as I said, and I didn't think I was getting anything besides packs so Sheffs were an awesome bonus. Plus you resisted the urge to send Yankee ones despite your Yankee ties, so that's extra cool!

  3. Yes, we must think of the children. Mr. Sheffield has never been so level-headed.

  4. Holy-freakin'-mother-bipper! You can't trust any package nowadays.