Sunday, March 7, 2010

My First Million Card Giveaway Redemption!

I recently put out an all call for people's unredeemed Million Card Giveaway cards. For a while there was nothing - everyone is redeeming their codes and I understand that.

But today I got lucky, as one of my favorite bloggers offered up a code! HUTZPAH, MY LUCKY DAY! Let's see what I got!

Matt Clement Rookie Card...not too shabby! It's going on the trading block though. Mainly seeking wacky names (i.e. Kuntz, LaCock, etc.), but I'll dabble and see what comes of it. Codes RULE, even if the card is kinda so so hahaha.


  1. At first I was getting quite a few code cards but lately there haven't been any.Speaking of names, I just found a 1978 Topps card of Pat Rockett.1973 1st round draft choice of the Braves.Had a total of 152 games in the Show with a lifetime .214 BA.