Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Million Card Giveaway Loot, Plus a Sheff Game Used Bat From Reader Chris!

My Million Card Giveaway Cards arrived today - only took 4 days to ship! And they all look great, just take a look!

The first two cards are my favorites, not to spoil anything. One is the always awesome 1999 Brian Hunter - no need to explain. The other card is a 1975 Topps Luis Meléndez, which is awesome for two reasons. The first is that my brother loves the name Meléndez for whatever reason, so that's neat.
The second reason? Just take a look at the back:
"Who is considered to be the Cards most eligible bachelor?"

That's right...Luis Meléndez.

What. A. Babe.

This card rules.

Next we have some of my more vintage-y stuff from the giveaway - a 1973 Gagliano, a 1961 Bob Buhl, and a 1968 Dick Lines. Lol...Dick Lines...thanks again Dayf for mentioning him!
Here are the backs. I never realized that 1968 Topps had yellow backs, but thought that was cool. The Bob Buhl is neat because it's my first card of a guy with "military experience" knocking out a few years of his career. It's also one of my oldest cards, and I think my only older cards are one from 1960 and a T206 from 1910. So my third oldest card for an extra $0.50 shipping ain't too bad!

Last but not least...PLAYER COLLECTIONS! I picked up two 2005 Topps that I needed, Dewon Brazelton and José López. The other three are Pete LaCocks, which means I have every Pete LaCock Topps card ever made. WOOHOO!
And one of them has some writing on the back - my only MCG card with writing actually. There's something that looks like a P with the comic, while there's either Ralph or Rach written between the club name and game statistic. It's a pretty worn card, which is sort of cool in this case!

I thought I'd also share this Gary Sheffield bat card that I purchased from Reader Chris a little while back. I wasn't planning to spend any more on cards for a while, but he gave me an offer I couldn't refuse and I ended up with this beauty:
Oooh...Aaah! Thanks Chris, and Topps, for all of the excellent cards!

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