Monday, August 30, 2010

My Little League Cards - Because Hey, Why Not?

I've had these sitting around and figured I'd post them someday. Today just happens to be that day!

Circa 1996, myself, team Norton:
Awwww yeah...gotta love the huge hats. The backs were cool too:
Yeah, that's me as a 9 year old. Very short, position slated as left field (that's a lie, I was a right fielder/second basemen), and favorite player was Greg Maddux. I've mentioned before that I was a huuuuge Braves fan as a kid - this card just goes to show that.

And the Braves love continued, as you can see on my 1997 card, Team Fiore's Truck Sales:
Improvements: real life scenery instead of that fake backdrop.
Declinations: I gained 9 pounds and got a lot chubbier. The back shows this, as well as a few other things:
Still short, but more of a chubster. Still listed at the wrong position (believe me, I tried to pull the Jose Lopez 2B-3B shift, but I never had the arm for it). But this is where the favorite pro shifts to where it has been for the rest of my life - Fred McGriff was officially listed as my favorite player for the first time! And it's been the same way ever since...what's that, 13 years now?

Anyways, just thought I'd throw those cards out there. Did any of you guys have similar cards when you were in Little League?

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  1. I had football cards when I was in High School.

    Seeing how young you were in 96 makes me feel old.