Friday, October 22, 2010

Best Sportslots Purchase EVER

If you like Sportlots, or have ever been tempted to use it, I highly suggest buying from seller sgtsly12. Why? Well, read on!

Since I've been trade-happy and set-collecting happy as of late, I was extraordinarily happy (get it?) when I saw that one seller on Sportlots had 12 of the 2005 Leaf Shirt Off My Back cards that I needed. Keep in mind, these are all relic cards, and many are short prints, so the final price had I purchased them would have been $49.50 with shipping (10 cards at $3, 1 at $7.50, 1 at $10).

I didn't really want to pay that, so I offered a trade. The seller turned down my trade - but offered me half price on 11 of 12 cards, and 66% of the price on the other card. $49.50 was now $27.50, meaning a little over $2 a card on average. For 12 relic cards, all that go towards a set I wanted to complete, I was more than willing to pay that. And so I did!

Of course, buying off Sportlots, I had no idea how the cards would look in hand - Did I buy 12 white jersey pieces? Well, actually, no. I count 7 of the boring white variety, with 5 others that actually look pretty sweet! Especially this Hideo Nomo, which is one of the rarer cards in the set and arguably the most beautiful in this shipment:
A little hard to make it out in the scan, but there are actually two stitch marks, one a little to the left of shirt center and one on the very left sleeve edge. I'm really starting to fall in love with stitching marks in my jersey cards, so this one is definitely amazing!

Next comes the card that tied the Nomo for most expensive card of the lot, which originally made me a little sad since it was a Yankee. However, the stitches here are weird, and so I kind of like it a lot:
Again, hard to make out, but I'm sure you all can see the blue stitching along the bottom of the jersey window. There's also, however, a little bit of blue stripe showing in that far left sleeve area again, which seems to indicate that this jersey piece has both horizontal and vertical lines! Perhaps from where seam line meets seam line or something? Or even, dare I say, something bordering on a patch?

I highly doubt the second part, but either way it looks really cool, even for a Yankees card (go Rangers!)

I grouped the next 3 cards because they all are not plain white jersey pieces, but also all cost $1.50 like the plain white jerseys. Decent little lot here:
Red stripe on Sean Casey, purple for Preston Wilson (definitely my first purple jersey pieces - thanks Rockies!), and plain grey (hey it ain't plain white!) for ex-Ray Joey Gathright.

Finally, the bulk of the lot, which is still much appreciated, especially given some of the star power here:
From top left clockwise, we've got Sean Burroughs, Trevor Hoffman, Troy Glaus (my second GU of his weirdly enough), Vernon Wells, Mike Cameron, Tim Hudson, and Garrett Anderson.

So there you have it, the purchase that ranks as my favorite of all my purchases over at Sportlots!


  1. wow... nice pickup... 5 of those cards would fit perfectly into my PC's:

    A's - Hudson
    Padres - Burroughs & Hoffman
    Japanese - Matsui & Nomo

    look forward to seeing you complete this set.

  2. Wow, I never expect you to give up that Nomo, but if you ever have the urge, please let me know.

  3. You got it Owl! I found another Nomo on Ebay recently actually, and I wouldn't be surprised if I ended up with a second one through a lot purchase or something. If I do, we'll talk.