Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Contest Winnings from I Don't Know...Third Base (Possibly My Most Epic Win EVER!)

I Don't Know...3rd Base! recently held everyone's favorite kind of contest - the kind where you just comment once and get to win something! Thing was, there were thirty prizes for thirty winners, so what I got was completely random.

I was hoping for one of 3 cards. One was a Pirates Matt Lawton Jersey Piece. One was a Mariners Emiliano Fruto Auto. I didn't get either of those cards.

Instead, I ended up with my top choice (what are the odds of that?). And man, I completely dig it!
That's right - it's a 2007 Topps U&H Cyan Printing Plate of New York Met Ramon Castro. Am I a big Castro fan? Nope. Big Met fan? Again, nope. But I LOVE 1 of 1's, especially printing plates, and so adding a second one to my collection makes me so freakin' happy!

The best part? Unlike my Seneca, which is a mini plate trapped within a card, this baby is free to breathe (well, not anymore since it's sleeved and in a binder, but you get the idea):
Very very very very cool hit - I love it! Thanks a bunch IDK...3B!

Of course, like most packages, the fun didn't stop with just one card. IDK...3B also threw in a random assortment of Mets for me, which are actually quite nice. I may even keep one or two despite my lack of Mets fandom (the rest will go to my trade bait page!).

A few Trading Card History Pedros, a few Walmart Black Border Topps cards, an 06 Greats of the Game Mazzilli (boo, since I'm a Red Sox fan haha), and 'lil David Wright stand out as highlights. All very cool, especially since they were throw-ins with that sweet printing plate!

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