Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ever Count Your Hits?

Just for fun, I decided to count mine the other night. I mean, just think, I started really collecting again about a year and a half ago, with maybe 6 or 7 total autos/relics in hand. So I was curious...just how far has my collection come hits-wise?

Turns out, across all sports, I have:
57 autos (25 of guys I collect, 32 others)
94 relics (72 of guys I collect, 22 others)
and 5 auto/relics (4 of guys I collect, 1 other)

Of course, my big 3 dominate - of my 94 relics, 22 are McGriff, 19 are Seneca, and 3 are Tyronn Lue. And of my 57 autos, 11 are Seneca, 6 are Lue, and 2 are McGriff. But still, that's 50 relics and 38 autos even without those guys - no small number. And that's, of course, not counting all of the serial #'d cards, inserts, parallels, and sheer number of base cards that I've picked up in the last year or so. My collection has grown a ton in just a little bit of time!

I know the size of my collection is minuscule compared to some of you guys, but I just thought this was a neat revelation. Hence the post!


  1. I'm in the same boat. Only been collecting for a year this month. I'm not a retread (military term used for personnel with broken time) like many of the guys who have returned to the hobby after a break. I just didn't start collecting until I was an old man. So I'm trying to make up for lost time. Not a huge collection by any means, but I've gathered enough cards to start annoying the wife. (And isn't that the point of all this?)

  2. When I get an auto of some scrub, I am usually a little bent. But, then, I remember there are guys that collect players like Lue and Wallace, and it doesn't hurt so bad.

  3. hahahahaha, good to hear sewingmachineguy. One of my best Lue cards came from a post of some guy lamenting his pull of a sweet Tyronn Lue card. One man's trash is indeed another man's treasure.

  4. I haven't counted, but I've traded or given away so many in the last year of blogging, I wouldn't really want to know. Of course, I wish I always pulled Rangers hits, but for the most part, any hit is tradeable. And Redbirds, take it from me, you do not want to annoy your wife. She doesn't care if the corners are dinged and certainly can't understand why creases are bad!

  5. This is an awesome idea... it's a little hard for me to do it, since I have cards all over the place (my house, parent's house, and a few still in my buddy's garage)... but if I ever consolidate my collection... I'd love to do this.

    Anyways... sweet collection. Pretty amazing how fast your collection has grown. Look forward to seeing updates.

  6. I could count the hits I have pulled on one hand. The closest thing to a hit being pulled of a player I collect was a 2010 Topps Pie Face SP of David Price. I sold that baby quick and got a Price auto, Price silk card and 6 Crawford relics for that 30 bucks. I need to count, but haven't in about a year. I would guess I have 40 Crawford relics and maybe 15 autos. I think I have about 15 relics of Kazmir and Gomes each. 4 relics of Longo, none of Price and 9 autos of Jason Bartlett. Wow, I guess I do count...