Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'm Back (Betcha Didn't Know I Was Gone!)

This weekend was the Rally to Restore Sanity in Washington D.C., and so as an avid Stewart/Colbert viewer AND a supporter of sanity, I decided to hop on a plane and spend the weekend in D.C. It was nice - rally was great, Air and Space museum was as good as it was 8-9 years ago, saw some old friends, ate some fantastic food (Ben's Chili Bowl especially)...good times all around.

But now I'm back in Indiana (after a canceled flight led to another Delta-paid day in D.C.) and so it's back to the blog again! I'll have some new mail to post, as well as probably some other good stuff, but for now I have to keep this post short since I have to go do a ton of stuff for school/work. So I'll simply say - Congratulations Giants!*

* No disrespect to the Rangers/Dodgers fans of the card-o-sphere, as the Rangers deserved this too and I really hope they come back and win it next year (especially if they beat the evil Yankees again!). I'm mostly just happy for guys like Aubrey Huff (finally saw the postseason after so many tough seasons), Matt Cain (so underrated even though my friend Josh calls him overrated), and Edgar Renteria (his 1997 game 7 winning hit is one of my favorite baseball memories of all time - it was nice to see him come through in the World Series again - Rent-a-wreck he is not).

That said, who else is rooting for a Dodgers-Rangers WS in 2011?


  1. Dude... Jealous!!! I haven't even seen a second of it at all yet. I was busy when it was going on and haven't seen any re-runs of it anywhere.

  2. I saw a rerun on CSpan the night of the rally (we were flipping through hotel channels, ended up watching the world series). But I hope you get to see it - it's so good!

  3. It's all good Spas...the Giants pitchers dominated and they sure earned it, even if it hurts to say it.