Thursday, November 25, 2010

More Cards from Reader Steve

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I'm thankful for blog trades, so I figured I might as well post another one!

Back in May, a reader of the blog named Steve messaged me to offer up some cards for sale. I was more than interested, and the excellent result was this.

So when Steve recently told me he had an Edgar Renteria relic /200 for me if I wanted it, I was intrigued. When he told me all he'd need for it is a Derek Jeter Rookie Reprint card, I was even more intrigued - I love removing Yankees from my collection, valuable or not! So we talked details, filled out some bubble envelopes, and the other day I received the following 3 beautiful cards.

1, of course, was the Renteria, #'d 144/200:
It's a nice white swatch in a very shiny card, and marks my first (and only) Renteria relic. I love his postseason antics, so it's awesome to finally have a card of his!

I also got 2 nice cup cards. The first is a 1996 Pinnacle Orel Hershiser:
Orel seems hard at work, very unaware of those gatorade cups lingering in the background.

Jeff Bagwell, on the other hand, gladly associates with cup holding ballplayers, such as Brian Hunter here:
However, he blocks the Gatorade container here - so maybe he does have a secret beef?

And I have to mention this because Steve did and it made me laugh - look at Brian Hunter and think Old Spice commercial.

"Look in my hand.
It's a cup.
Look again.
The cup is now diamonds.
Anything is possible when you're a toosly outfielder with steals to burn.

I'm on the Astros!"

Thanks again Steve!

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