Monday, November 29, 2010

My NFL Rooting Interests, 1 to 32

I remember waaaayyy back in the day, Nachos Grande (he of the sweet group breaks) did a post about his ranking of the 30 MLB teams from favorite to least favorite. I thought this was cool, and figured I would give it a try with football. It's a little awkward, as many of the teams I dislike are those that my fellow bloggers like. But hey, we don't have to agree on everything...right?

Anyway, here's the list, with notes for certain teams:

1. Cleveland Browns - Obvious
2. New England Patriots - Hometown team, also obvious
3. New Orleans Saints - Surprised me...I didn't think I liked the Saints this much. But I guess their win over the Colts in the Super Bowl did a lot for me.
4. Miami Dolphins
5. Buffalo Bills - Again, these past 2 surprised me - 2 AFC East teams? But I like the way the Fins play and I love their backs. And the Bills are scrappy - Fred Jackson and Ryan Fitzpatrick both rule
6. Houston Texans - David Carr was a favorite of mine for a while
7. Detroit Lions - Lovable losers/Turkey Day memories
8. Atlanta Falcons
9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Shaun King was a favorite of mine for a while
10. Philadelphia Eagles - Duce Staley. Nuff said.
11. Baltimore Ravens
12. Chicago Bears - I don't really like Cutler or Forte, but I like the Bears well enough - go figure
13. San Francisco 49ers
14. Kansas City Chiefs
15. Cincinnati Bengals
16. Oakland Raiders
17. St. Louis Rams
18. Arizona Cardinals
19. Jacksonville Jaguars
20. Denver Broncos
21. Carolina Panthers
22. Washington Redskins
23. San Diego Chargers
24. Green Bay Packers - I blame the Pats-Packers Super Bowl
25. Tennessee Titans - Cortland Finnegan is an asshat
26. Seattle Seahawks
27. Dallas Cowboys
28. New York Giants - Pats/Giants Super Bowl's fault - this is the first team I actively dislike on the list
29. New York Jets - Santonio Holmes/Braylon Edwards' fault
30. Indianapolis Colts - Pats rival, obvious
31. Minnesota Vikings - Brett Favre is an awful human being
32. Pittsburgh Steelers - I don't know whether I dislike James Harrison or Ben Roethlisberger more. Let's just call it a draw. I'm also a Browns fan with Pats bloodlines - clearly I was not born to like the Pittsburgh Steelers
Least Favorite

So there you have it. Random I know, but a fun experiment - I suggest you guys try it, as you'd be surprised with some of your most (Saints? Bills?) and least (Seahawks? Chargers?) liked teams.

But I have to go now - have to finish my homework today so I can watch the 49ers battle the Cardinals tonight. Rooting for the 49ers, as if you couldn't tell from my list :-)