Tuesday, January 18, 2011

If you haven't purchased from Anthony's WPS (formerly Mike Pelfrey's Cards) then YOU NEED TO DO IT NOW - Here's My Proof

(Many thanks to drewscards for this post, which sent me to this Anthony's blog in the first place).

Now I am not a Mets collector by any means. So when I first found out that Anthony's WPS and Vietnam Collectibles was leaving his old Mike Pelfrey blog and the hobby and selling his old cards in the process, I didn't think I'd find much. After all, he collected guys like Pelfrey, Bobby Parnell, Carlos Beltran - guys I have no real use for.

Yet after seeing a mention on drewscards that mentioned real low prices, I gave Anthony's old site a look...and boy am I glad I did! I found 5 cards I liked (only 1 Met surprisingly), 3 of which came from this post. I told him that price was his to name, figuring that I'd be asking too little if I threw out a low ball offer. But he then told me $15 delivered would be okay, which seemed crazy low for what I liked. I thanked him a ton, and 4 days later the cards are in my hands. And trust me...after you read this post you're going to want to see what else he has for sale!

The second coolest thing I got was actually a 2009 Bowman Chrome Magenta Printing Plate of Daniel Murphy. You read that right...a 1/1 Plate for essentially $3 (he's all out of Plates now though so don't go looking for those). Here he is with his new pal Ramon Castro:
Nice, no? Both these guys will actually be heading to a new collection though, as I'm sending them to BA Benny as part of a new trade since he's a big Murphy fan. In return I'm getting a Michael Bowden 2008 Tristar Magenta Plate and some other goodies, which I'm very excited about. I definitely will be happy to own a Red Sox plate!

At this point I'm going to take an aside to note that, as you may have noticed, I am willing to trade collection stuff from time to time for other collection stuff. That isn't to say I'll move my Seneca 1/1 for a Kason Gabbard card, but if I have something among my player collections/set collections/cup collection/printing plates that catches your eye and you can make it worth my while in return, I am willing to trade up, as it were. In the case of BA Benny, he's a Mets fan/Murphy fan and I'm a Red Sox fan, so the plates will end up in better hands each way. Keep this in mind in case you ever see something really neat in my collections that you must have. If it's a Seneca it's probably not going anywhere - but it's always worth a shot!

Anyway, enough rambling. Time for the coolest card I picked up in the entire deal - a TTM Autographed card of Hall of Famer Hank Aaron:
Now I didn't even own a Hank Aaron card prior to this purchase, which is crazy since I loved the Braves as a kid and thought Hammerin' Hank was one of the best hitters of all time. I now own a card from 3 years after Aaron's career ended, signed by the man himself! I know Anthony used to do TTM's a lot, and he ended up with several Hank Aaron TTM's over that time. I'm so thankful that he allowed me to purchase one from him, because I never would've thought in a million years that I would have a Hank Aaron autograph in my collection. This baby is never going anywhere - just right into my binder where he belongs. Truly one of my favorite cards now.

I also picked up another TTM which is 1,000 times less epic but still neat to me. It's Washington Nationals SP John Lannan:
I, for whatever reason, really like Lannan. He's penciled in as the Nats 3rd or 4th starter for the foreseeable future, and though he's no Strasburg or Zimmerman he has always impressed me. I saw this card sitting near Aaron in the sale stuff and just knew I had to have it. I also think it's funny that the card has his name, a facsimile auto, and then his real auto - redundant in all the best of ways!

Not everything I bought was all Plate-y and TTM-y though. The 4th card is a nice two color patch (with stitching) of one Carlos Delgado, #'d 30/50:
It's a beautiful swatch, but an unusual card since the back shows more materials than are even on the card:
The jersey is there, but we also have a bat added in. Odd that Donruss didn't crop the picture differently for this card to knock out the bat portion. I guess it makes it easier to produce multiple cards this way since the writing and images cover every possible jersey/bat combination. But of course I could really care less as long as the jersey piece looks sweet on the front, and it most certainly does!

Finally we have another auto, though this one's certified. A RC Auto of former Florida Marlin/current Pittsburgh Pirate Scott Olsen:
Olsen's a bit like Lannan for me - Olsen has had more potential in his career, but I'd say Lannan is more consistent. Olsen's career thus far has been marred with injuries and disciplinary issues, but I like to think that he could turn things around for an interesting Pirate rotation in this coming 2011 season. Olsen's already the 2nd best lefty on the team next to Paul Maholm, so a starting pitching spot is really his to lose. I know I'll be watching to see if he makes anything of the opportunity, and either way I'm glad to finally have an auto of his for myself, along with all of these other cool cards!

Thanks again for all the awesomeness Anthony! I wish you luck with your new blogging ventures, as well as with selling the rest of your cards! And to everybody reading this, I really do recommend giving his selling post a look - you never know if you'll find something that you'll like!

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