Monday, January 10, 2011

Other Goodies #3: Cards from my Little Brother

Both of my younger brothers collected cards a bit, but my youngest brother collected far more, and during a few of my years off from the hobby. He said I could peek through his stuff while I was home for the holidays to see if I wanted to see if I liked anything.

I was so stunned from that awesomeness that my face probably looked a little like Chris Bosh's does here:
This is actually the first card I found and damn...have you ever seen such a crazy looking card? Here it is blown up if the black border is distracting for ya:
Bosh is like a crazy zombie or something in this photo. Like he wants to eat Varejao's arm but he can't quite jump high enough, being a zombie and all. And all the guy in the background can do is watch helplessly. Weird.

This next card could be one of the worst/most absurd ever - I really don't even know what to say about it:
So many little faces...and it's not even a great shot to begin with. Looks like something you'd find in a Modern Art exhibit or something, particularly with the blue and yellow mini disembodied heads. Bizarre.

I also found this classic weird card among my brothers, the famous 88 Topps Eddie Murray Record Breakers Mirror Shot:
I gave him a ton of my cards at one point so this actually may have been mine during my own collecting days. If so, good to have it back. If not, good to have it!

And finally, finishing off the one card write ups, this Joe Johnson, which is actually relatively normal on the front:
The back, however, has a quote about Johnson that got to me. It mentions how, "There is something about him (Johnson) that is smooth." Now THAT'S a quote for the back of a card. Screw your intangibles, your statistics...Joe Johnson is smooth. And that's all he needs.

Per usual, I grabbed a few of things that I liked in bunches. Here are a few 86 Topps football cards and some 2004 Topps Total:
The Kosar is actually his RC, which is really cool for me as a Browns fan. I've been debating starting a 1986 Topps Football set for a while now, so I took all of my brothers, which still only gives me 7 cards. As for the Topps Total, these were just guys I liked who I wanted card of. Specificially Na'll Diggs and Hannibal Navies, Rogers Beckett, and Ryan Pickett. Pickett is especially cool - me and my brother always used him in Madden and whenever we had to make a goal line stand we called it "Pickett's Last Charge." He's actually a fairly decent interior lineman for the Packers now, so good for guy.

And last but not least, more random guys that I wanted cards of:
Mike Bell and Kevin Johnson are Browns I liked. Cortez Kennedy was one of my first favorite players, Dan Orlovsky is a Lion I liked from Turkey Day games, Ryan Dinwiddle has a funny name, Nathan Vasher returned a missed FG 108 yards, Ron Dayne rules, Mario Bates in an NFL QB Club 98 Superstar, and Marcel Shipp was just a guy I found cool in the early 00's. Random all, but glad to have them all in my collection.

And with that, my friends, the Pre Christmas posts are done. On to the Christmas goodies!

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