Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Childhood Ruled Because of Corinthian Headliners

When you were a kid you might've had Starting Line-Up Figures, or something similar. SLU was still around when I was a kid, but it wasn't as big to me as the little dudes from Corinthian, known as Headliners.

These little (usually like 2 inches tall) dudes are from the same company that still makes the even smaller Micro Stars soccer players overseas. But Corinthian only made Headliners for the lesser part of three years, 1996-98. A lot of players overlapped from one year to the next, which led to ridiculous variations (I remember Dennis Rodman had a few hair color variations) to keep people buying. But these were still the coolest things, especially since there was one of Fred McGriff, my all time favorite player:

I sort of have favorites in all sports, as we used these guys in simulated games as kids. My simulated football team practically never lost due to its QB-RB-WR core of Warren Moon, Ricky Watters, and Joey Galloway:
Warren Moon looks hilarious in his sideline gear. I remember finding it funny even then that Corinthian would capture Moon as John Friesz's backup rather than a starter in game ready clothing!

In this next image, Warren Moon looks over his shoulder (literally), at his backup in my league, Ryan Leaf:
Here's a closeup to Mr. Leaf, celebrating his first appearance on this blog:

I even had favorite basketball players in the set. Here are my two favorites, Mitch Richmond (The Rock is still one of the greatest pure shooters ever) looking astonished that John Stockton would try to dribble past him:
Personally I think John looks pretty off in this representation. Most of the rest look good by me though!

I have a TOOOON more of these at my parent's house, but I only brought my favorites to share for this post. I still think they're cool though, even to this day. If any of the rest of you are interested in seeing if some of your favorites players were ever available in these sets, I'd recommend searching Ebay sometime, where figures can be had for as little as $3-4, which isn't too shabby!

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