Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My NFL Rooting Interests Revisited

Last November I wrote up a post detailing how much I liked each given NFL team from 1 (most) to 32 (least). Almost a year later things are a little shaken up following a lot of personnel changes, so I figured I'd take a second look at the league. Teams will be ranked with last year's ranking in parenthesis:

1. New England Patriots (2) - My childhood favorite team has finally become my favorite team once again. I still sport more Browns gear because the Browns need fans more than the Pats, but it's hard not to love the awesome going on in New England right now

2. Cleveland Browns (1) - Still a huge fan of these underdogs, I hope they steal some games this year

3. Houston Texans (6) - Still my littlest brother's favorite team, and they are getting to be super fun to watch on offense especially with Ben Tate in the fold

4. Buffalo Bills (5) - Ryan Fitzpatrick and Fred Jackson. I called them underrated last time I made this list and take a look at those guys now

5. Detroit Lions (7) - Nice to finally see some wins thanks to a dangerous offense

6. St. Louis Rams (17) - The second biggest jump on the list, thanks mostly to Sam Bradford and a tenacious (though hurt currently) Steven Jackson

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9) - Josh Freeman just reminds me so much of Shaun King, all that comeback magic from the third QB chosen in the 2009 draft. I think Oakland, Cincy, Kansas City and Jacksonville all wish they had picked Freeman instead of the guy they chose

8. Atlanta Falcons (8) - First team to stay in the same spot. The Falcons are steady and I love watching Michael Turner rumble for yards

9. New Orleans Saints (3) - The Saints dropped by no fault of their own, just were jumped by a lot of young up and comers I like more

10. Green Bay Packers (24) - Up 14 spots, the Packers had the biggest jump. Beating the hated Steelers in the Super Bowl will do that

11. Philadelphia Eagles (10) - I'm not buying into all the "Dream Team" stuff, but Philly still has some cool guys and I love Asante Samuel after his time in New England

12. Chicago Bears (12) - Another team that didn't move spots

13. Carolina Panthers (21) - I'm loving the Cam Newton show thus far

14. Arizona Cardinals (18) - I think Kevin Kolb is decent, and I've liked seeing Chansi Stuckey continue his career (even if his fumble in Week 2 did cost the team a shot at a win)

15. Washington Redskins (22) - Blame it on Bloomington - Rex Grossman is from this town and his success in Washington has me cheering

16. San Diego Chargers (23) - A team that moves up thanks to a lot of other teams dropping. I love the Chargers skill players on offense but they are a natural rival to the Patriots so I can't love them too much

17. Baltimore Ravens (11) - Not liking Flacco and Rice as much lately...waiting for them to get to that next level

18. Jacksonville Jaguars (19) - It's all MJD. Otherwise...not really a Jaguar fan

19. Tennessee Titans (25) - Same as above but replace MJD with Matt Hasselbeck

20. Cincinnati Bengals (15) - If Bruce Gradkowski were at QB the Bengals would rank higher - I'm just not a big Andy Dalton fan

21. San Francisco 49ers (13) - Gone are the Mike Singletary smashmouth yet middling days where Troy Smith played QB, now the 49ers are just middling

22. Kansas City Chiefs (14) - God Matt Cassel is awful now, not that injuries haven't hurt

23. Minnesota Vikings (31) - 31st ranking - Brett Favre + Donovan McNabb = 23rd ranking.

24. Seattle Seahawks (26) - The Seahawks are so awful this year - don't think I'll ever understand why they signed Tavaris Jackson

25. Oakland Raiders (16) - Another middling team. Liked them better with Gradkowski at QB, as I don't think Jason Campbell will ever set the world on fire

26. Dallas Cowboys (27) - Still blaming this on the 90's bias against "America's Team." Otherwise I don't really mind the Cowboys

27. Denver Broncos (20) - Not a Tim Tebow fan, and that seems to be all Broncos fans talk about.

28. Miami Dolphins (4) - Miami drops 24 spots on the list, the biggest drop by far. It's all thanks to the release of Ricky Williams/Ronnie Brown, coupled with some trash talking corners who can't back up their words. I'm still pulling for Chad Henne though

29. New York Jets (29) - And now the teams I actively dislike. First the Jets - I like them better without Braylon but they're still the freakin Jets

30. New York Giants (28) - Super Bowl losses stick with fans, so I really dislike Eli Manning

31. Pittsburgh Steelers (32) - With the Browns at #2, the Steelers move to #31

32. Indianapolis Colts (30) - With the Pats #1 (and my current address in Indiana leading to many arguments with Colts fans), the Colts move to #32. I do feel bad for Peyton Manning, but I hope the Colts go 1-15 and miss out on Andrew Luck
Least Favorite

So there you have it. Big jumps up by the Rams and Packers, big drop down by the Dolphins. Generally a lot of consistency though - guess things didn't change as much as I thought?

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