Friday, January 20, 2012

Huzzah for niceness! And freebies!

Gentlemen (and Ladies), it always pays to be nice to people. As if you didn't know that already, here's another instance where that idea proved true (and fruitful!).

As some of you know, I'm pretty active on the Beckett Forums, spouting random nonsense on the regular while gazing at everyone's nice collections. Somewhere in my ramblings I got into a thread about how to find cards online, and I ended up suggesting Photobucket for card searches since Photobucket doesn't often show up in google searches but does have a lot of awesome cards.

Well a Blowout user thanked me for the tip, and then messaged me later that night. Turned out he found a sweet printing plate (Trevor Plouffe of the Minnesota Twins - he's a big collector of the guy) via Photobucket! Problem was, the guy who owned it wasn't on Blowout, but rather the Beckett forums. The guy who messaged me was only on Blowout, but he knew I was on both Blowout AND Beckett, so he wanted to know if I could connect the dots. I did what I could, sent a message the Beckett guy's way, and waited.

A few days later I got a message back saying connect us. A week later the plate was in the Blowout guy's hands. A deal gone well in my eyes, but the Blowout user wasn't done. He wanted to thank me for playing middleman in their deal and asked my favorite team. I said Patriots. 3 days later I also had mail - a Stevan Ridley auto!
Ridley has had one heckuva rookie year for the Pats, and he may be our back of the future should he find continued success. So I'm pretty psyched to have an auto of his, even if it is "just" a Sage Hit card and not one of him in an NFL uniform. I think Ridley has a pretty cool sig - very fancy with all the loops. Here's to hoping his career is as big as his signature, and that he sees many Super Bowl victories as a member of the Patriots!

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