Monday, February 13, 2012

Hey, Remember When I Used To Blog?

It's officially been 8 days since I last posted, which might be a record for me! Needless to say life has kind of taken over this past week, and I don't see it slowing down anytime soon. Here's a few of the details:

- Today was day 19/50 of my student teaching. It was awesome, as many of them have been so far. Finally found my teacher voice so now I can get the kids to be quiet while I teach. Next up - getting better at teaching interesting material so they don't all fall asleep! If you're interested in a teaching career, you can take courses in education at Online Universities.

- This weekend I was in Cincinnati for my fiance's first ever art exhibition. That's right - her curse crossstitches had their own space in Cincy for arthouse folk to gaze at. We went and watched as an amazing pottery guy dropped $150 on two of her pieces within the first five minutes of the gallery opening. Definitely made my fiance feel good to know a great artist loves her stuff, and made me feel great to know my fiance is so damn talented!

- The biggest thing of the past week, however, is that the missus and I officially have a place in Cincinnati for next year! We looked at a few apartments which were all awful, and were about to give up on a house we saw when the landlord told us she also had an apartment for sale closer to the neighborhood strip. We said we'd like to check it out, so she gave us the key and said go for it.

And it was AMAZING! When she said next downtown, she meant ABOVE A STOREFRONT (which for us is cool). Specifically, 7 buildings from the store that was housing my fiance's show this past weekend! The place is huge, has good appliances (including a brand new fridge), is spacious, and has fantastic views of the downtown strip. There are 3 bars right down the street, a couple cute little restaurants, and an amazing cd/dvd/record store right across the street. The weirdest part? It's all cheaper than Bloomington, where I am now. Rent is going to be $200 cheaper, and that's before factoring in the fact that water/gas/internet are free (right now we pay for internet and gas). And a fantastic dinner at one local place was just $9 a plate. In Bloomington that same fare would've been $15-17 easy. Amazing how much a few hours drive can change prices.

So I'm crazy excited about all that - but the downturn, of course, is my collecting habit. Before the last week of school and the new apartment I was close to a major Seneca purchase, but I actually backed off because now I want to save up some money for moving expenses and whatnot. So for now I'm not really buying or trading unless I find a crazy good deal. But I will be back in the game when things get a lot less crazy!

And I hope, either this coming weekend or next, to post ballot 7 of the GSNHOF for voting purposes! I want to get some new names in that hall of fame!


  1. Cool! That puts you about an hour and a half closer to me, apparently, though you won't find me saying one good word about Ohio ;-). Congrats to your talented fiance, and get crackin' on the blog!

  2. Glad to hear you're enjoying your student teaching... I personally believe it's the greatest profession in the world... especially after you find your "teacher voice". LOL.

  3. Great news on the new place, and congrats to your fiance!