Thursday, March 29, 2012

HOF Greatness from Manpatches and Mustaches

Feels like forever since I've made a trade with anyone - don't know why, just life and lack of trade bait I suppose. Doesn't mean I don't keep an eye out though, so when I noticed Eric of Manupatches and Mustaches posted some trade bait a few weeks back, I was intrigued. One of the cards REALLY interested me, and so I mentioned I had a patch card if it was in any way, shape, or form comparable. Eric said it was, the deal was on, and next thing I knew this beautifully slabbed card of HOFer Hank Aaron was in my mailbox!
I was a big Braves fan growing up (bandwagon sure, but Fred McGriff was also my favorite player and Greg Maddux was so insanely good), and so I couldn't help but admire Aaron. I've long wanted a base Topps card of his, and for some reason (probably since I used to own that 1973 Mike Schmidt RC) the 1973 Aaron became my card to get. I love the "just about to catch the ball" pose too, especially due to those shades. It's a fantastic card, and once I find some tools to remove it from the slab (because those are in Cincinnati too haha), I'm going to do just that. Hank deserves to be freeeeeee!

Thanks a bunch Eric!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it! Look for your end of the trade to appear on my blog shortly.