Saturday, March 10, 2012

Two New Senecas: A Negotiation and a Headdesk

This post occurs today, but I'm actually en route to Cincinnati as it happens because we're starting the move east. I'll still be in my usual location for the next few months as I finish up school, but my fiance will be taking up residence in our new place to try to get a start on a permanent job and to better acclimate our timid cat to his surroundings (If traveling and relocating is not an option for you, distance learning can help you pursue your studies and learn through the Internet). It'll be interesting living "alone" for a few months, but I think I'll get a lot more done as it'll be easier to focus on things like school without my better half here. Also I guess this means I can leave my cards all over the place now!

I'll have two more to add to the binder now, thanks to two more in a flurry of recent Seneca purchases. The first was listed on Ebay without a picture and with a BIN that seemed high to me. I messaged the guy to see if he'd drop down, and he said he would if it didn't sell. It didn't, and the item was relisted $2 cheaper. Still too much for me, so I sat on it again. It ended and wasn't relisted - I guessed I had missed my shot!

A week later I messaged him - what was the deal, I was gonna buy eventually ;-). He told me his absolute minimum, and explained the costs that go into each sale (which I knew of course lol). It was lower than his last BIN price and it seemed pretty fair, so I agreed to it and the offer was on! A few days later it made it to my mailbox, and now 2003 UD Pros and Prospects Dual Jersey Bronze of Seneca and Antwan Randle El (Serial 70/75) is MINE:
P&P is one of the few sets from that year that featured Seneca's college (and therefore truly game worn) swatches, so these cards are a bit neater in that regard. I also like them because they feature Randle El, who quarterbacked at IU, my current school. And I love the Bronze version here since it goes really well with the red swatches. Nice pickup IMHO.

The second card messed with me for a bit, but in the end I finally figured it all out, albeit a bit too late. See, 2003 Gridiron Kings had 4 cards in the set; a base, a bronze, a silver /150, and a gold /75. I picked up the gold real early, and a base and silver followed soon after. I was only sitting on a bronze, and as they were like $7 delivered online I kept waiting on one in case I got one in a trade or found one in a shop. With the rash of purchases lately I finally gave up and bought one, but when I opened the bag I saw this:
Now I also had one of this exact same card in my binder. So I was all like:until I realized my idiocy. See, the base and the bronze both aren't numbered, and I didn't research it well, so I just figured a whitish color was the base. But uh...whoops. Turns out the bronze is the lowest framed card...but the base is different in that it is not framed. Way to go Mooss!

So I looked around, found a cheap base card, and had it shipped. And finally my Gridiron Kings set was finished:
I actually really like the base a lot, what with the white and blue mix like in the Seahawks uniform. I may actually like this better than the framed ones, which is silly since those were all a bit more expensive. But eh, that's parallels sometimes right? Either way, I'm glad to finally have this base card - it's one of the very last ones I needed (if not the last one) and it's always good to get those out of the way, especially when they look this nice!

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