Thursday, April 12, 2012

Freedom 12

Every time I go to Cincinnati for the weekend, I bring a little more along with me to fill the new apartment. This time I also picked something up that I needed back in Bloomington:
We have two hammers and somehow both got packed a month and a half ago. I took this one back home with me a few days ago, and used it to free several cards from their slab traps:
Now my Seneca Wallace Contenders Black Ink /864 and 73 Hank Aaron can breathe! I'm especially happy about the Seneca card because I'm a binder guy, and all of my Seneca cards besides this one and the Uncirculated slabbed cards are in a binder together. It always stinks seeing the slabbed cards outside the binder with the rest of my master set progress sitting in the binder, so it's nice to have one less Seneca card in that pile. However, time will tell if I break any of the Uncirculated cards free - technically they are all supposed to stay in the slabs to "count" in my mind...but they ought to be with the other cards in the binder. What's a collector to do?

Edit: I broke them free too! A few just snapped out as they're in weird kind of snap cases, but some were snapped so tight that I had to pry off the snaps with pliers. However you put it, every Seneca Wallace card I own is now in the same binder, and it is lovely.

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