Sunday, September 23, 2012

Who in the heck is Cody Buckel? Further Listia Tales

Same day, different story.  10 credits, one serial'd card expected, only in this case two cards showed up.  Neat!

Card on the right was expected, a Topps Blue Cody Buckel /309.  Card on the left was not...good old power hitting pitcher Micah Owings:
I looked at Buckel's minor league stats with Texas...the stats look decent, but apparently he's even higher regarded than that, with many regarding him as a decent mid rotation option based on his great success at Single A and his work with buddy and fellow young stud Trevor Bauer.  Others say he's a bit too Tim Lincecum-y with his delivery and think he'll get hurt down the road.  Either way, I dig this card...something about the blue on blue is really neat looking.  And I dig the free card of Owings...I still sometimes wish he'd pull an Ankiel and play outfield full time, but I'm not sure he wants a Rick Ankiel career so I can't blame him for sticking with what he loves!

Anyway, I love cheap pickups!

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