Sunday, October 28, 2012

Finally got around to scanning - it begins!

 Time to show off some of my most recent Listia wins.  Some of these cost a lot of credits, others less so.  This one only cost me 40, but I love it since it's a card of a Patriots Super Bowl Hero!

The guy in question is Jermaine Wiggins:
I love the full bleed photo here - I think it's a nice touch.  The backs are...interesting, and very blank:
I imagine they assume most players will have more stats there than Wiggins, which would certainly fill up space.  But I feel like they probably could've written more about Jermaine, although it's true he didn't have a lot to write about at the point this card came out!

Wiggins (and also J.R. Redmond, who I mention a lot here), are guys most fans wouldn't know, but they were instrumental to the 2001 Patriots Super Bowl win.  Wiggins had just 16 catches in the regular season and Redmond had just 48 touches as a RB, but in the playoffs they came up huge.  First there's the Tuck Rule game, where Wiggins led all receivers with 10 receptions in the snow and Redmond added 4 catches for 43 yards.  Then there's the AFC Title game versus the Steelers, where the two guys combined for 4 catches and Redmond added 13 yards on 3 carries.

Then finally, there was the Super Bowl.  When the Rams tied up the game with a Ricky Proehl touchdown, Redmond and Wiggins had combined for two touches for four yards, i.e. nothing special.  But then the magic happened.  Every knows Brady dinked and dunked his way to a Patriots championship, but few realize who he dinked and dunked too.  Here's how the final drive looked:

- Starting at the 17, Brady passes to Redmond for 5 yards
- Brady passes to Redmond for 8 yards
- Brady pass incomplete
- Brady passes to Redmond for 11 yards
- Brady pass incomplete
- Brady passes to Troy Brown for 23 yards
- Brady passes to Jermaine Wiggins for 6 yards, which puts the ball at the 30 yard line
- Brady pass incomplete
- Adam Vinatieri FG is good, Patriots win

So 4 yards for most of the game, but on the drive that counted those two guys had 4 touches for 30 yards, including a clutch run out of bounds by Redmond and the final yards needed for the field goal by Wiggins.  And that's exactly why I love these guys.  We couldn't have won that game without them.

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