Monday, October 1, 2012

Matt Joyce Cognac Parallel - Much Cheaper than the Brady!

Back to normal with my Listia auctions.  After burning through almost a third of my credits, I had to go with smaller purchases.  So when I saw this cheap Cognac Parallel, I thought to myself "Hey those parallels look neat and I don't have any."  So I made a bid, and 22 credits and a few days later I had this:
 Oooo...shiny.  I definitely dig the look of those cards.

Here's the back:
I knew when Matt Garza threw a no hitter a few years ago that it was a pretty special game.  I did not remember how special Matt Joyce's role in that game was until reading this card.  See, Max Scherzer also had a no hitter going in that game, and it continued on into the 6th inning even after two walks and an error loaded the base.  With two outs and all those ducks on the pond, Joyce hit a grand slam to break up the no hitter, which is the first grand slam to break up a no hitter in the 6th inning or later.  That's pretty remarkable, so I'm glad I picked up this card and learned a bit of history!

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