Sunday, March 17, 2013

My quest to flip for the Holy Grail (Seneca's LCM Mirror Black 1/1)

I've been doing this a little while on the Blowout Forums, and figured I should probably mention it here too.  But after seeing a fellow forum member have some decent success, I decided to try and go for the holy grail of Seneca Wallace cards - his 2003 Mirror Black 1/1 - by participating in the red paperclip idea.

I'm sure a lot of you have heard of the idea before - start with a red paperclip, trade up until you have something awesome (a house, a car, etc.).  I've seen people try it with cards before by simply trading, but a guy on the forum added some intrigue to the whole idea for me by including selling and flipping.  So I figured I would do the same.  Took all my trade bait I had lying around, listed it all on the site, and went to work.  I've also used Ebay and Listia to both pick up and sell stuff, and so far it's gone pretty well!  I started with $5 paypal, 18,825 Listia credits, and a long list of okay cards.  I now have $56.47 paypal, 16,000 Listia credits, and a much shorter (but much stronger) list of trade bait.  So I think I've done well!

I thought I'd open up this idea to the blog world, in case anyone wanted to help out at all by buying/trading/etc.  So if you're interested, please let me know.  I also figured I should list the rules I started with, so here they are:

1. I started with $5.00 additional to help start with shipping costs. After that, no money can be added (i.e. stuff that isn't part of a sale or trade)
2. Trading and selling is allowed. If I can trade up, I will. If I can sell the cards, I will. If I need to buy more cards to use for resell, I'll do that too.  All money and cards will be tracked and recorded in this thread.
3. I will use multiple trading forums, eBay, and local card shops to attempt this. I will also personally add Listia to my list here - it's a site where you get stuff for credits and any cards I pick up there (all shipped for free) will be added to my trade bait.  I start with 18,825 Listia credits.
4. Multiple transactions can happen at the same time.
5. No buying/Selling/trading can be done in this post. If you're interested in a card please email me.

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