Sunday, July 21, 2013

My wife's Etsy shop went viral...COOL!

I've mentioned my wife's Etsy shop Purple Hippo Stitches from time to time, mostly in a "hey I'm going out of town for a craft show" kind of way, but lately she kinda hit the big time and it was very exciting.  Thought I'd share the story as a result!

Usually my wife's Etsy shop does okay, but not super well, due to her content.  Since some of her stuff features curse words, Etsy forced her to tag all of her content as mature (even stuff without curse words on it), and mature stuff can't be featured on Etsy's "front page."  That's a major bummer, since most Etsy artists get their major views through occasional front page mentions.  So to get views my wife has to rely solely on publicity, typically through a website she made, a twitter she runs, getting her name out at shows, etc.

Well the other day one of her newer pieces was mentioned in a Facebook group.  The group, Charlie Day quotes, features a lot of quotes from the awesome show "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," and I guess someone in the group came across my wife's cool piece:
(If you don't get the quote, it's from one of the best TV episodes of all time.  There is another episode that kind of leads up to it and features this part, so I'll post that link here -

So anyways, someone mentioned this piece in that group, and quickly that exploded.  A little less than 12 hours, there were something like 2,000+ Facebook shares and 10,000+ Facebook views.  So this little piece was getting shared all over the Internets.  But then it got...bigger.  Someone who saw the image posted it on Reddit, and it blew up there too.  Again, some may not be familiar with Reddit, but basically the more stuff gets mentioned there the higher up it goes on these lists, resulting in even more people see it.  She got up to around 60th overall on the Reddit main page, as well as 16th on the Reddit funny sub page.  And again, thousands upon thousands of new viewers!

It was all pretty awesome, and she ended up making a bunch of sales as a result, which was also awesome since typically most of her sales come from physical shows since she can only get so much publicity online.  Now however, she has a bit more, and hopefully the publicity will keep on trickling on.  One share by someone leads to another person finding her site, one gift bought for someone leads to someone else who learns about her shop, and so on.  I guess it's just pretty exciting to see her work promote itself!

Now I just need to kick her butt to get her to post more of her awesome stuff on Etsy!  She typically lists less of her pieces online since she wants some for in person shows, and she doesn't currently list any of her jewelry (she makes necklaces and earrings too that are really great including these 1960 New York Times microfilm ones) online either.  If it were me, I'd list everything and see what happens, but eh, different strokes for different folks haha. 

Regardless, I hope you guys found the story at least a little interesting.  I had never personally been close to someone whose stuff went viral like that before, so it was just such a great experience that I thought I'd share it!


  1. Wow!! That is great!! Congrats to your wife!

  2. That's awesome! It's amazing what social media can do for a business. Congratulations.

  3. You've got to pay the troll toll if you want to get in this boy's soul....

  4. Thanks guys! And lol very nice Junkie. The reddit thread was a hoot...everyone was working quotes into their replies...very awesome.