Saturday, August 31, 2013

The State of Left Handed QBs going into Week One

A few more preseason games, a few more actions affecting lefties!  Let's see how they all look heading into the season!

1. Michael Vick, Eagles (last time 1st)
Vick was officially named the Eagles starting quarterback this past week, so he's fully entrenched as the best lefty in the league.  The Eagles also cut backup QB's G.J. Kinne and Dennis Dixon, so what once was a 5 QB race is now a clear cut Vick starter, Foles backup, Barkley developing situation.  In week 3 Vick went 15/23 with a 1:1 TD:INT ratio and also added 53 yards on 7 carries.  He sat out week 4 since he's the starter now.

2. Kellen Moore, Lions (last time 2nd)
All the injuries in Buffalo affected a few lefties this week, including Moore.  When we last checked in on our hero in blue, Moore was looking pretty darn iffy and was a lot closer to 4th stringer Thad Lewis than he probably cared to be.  A strong week 3 showing from Moore led the Lions to deal Lewis to Buffalo, cementing Moore's spot on the roster.  Another strong performance in week 4 of the preseason means Moore could be knocking on the backup position door, especially with Shaun Hill facing injuries.  Moore went 19/30 for 228 yards and a 4:1 ratio in the last two weeks.

3. Pat White, Redskins (last time 3rd)
White officially made the Redskins roster, and it's safe to say he definitely earned it, though it might be hard to keep the spot.  The Redskins kept four QB's in RG3, Kirk Cousins, Rex Grossman, and White, and it's hard to tell whether White or Grossman would get the axe in the case of the team going down to 3 QB.  White certainly made his case, as his week 3 stats included a 7/14 line for 96 yards as well as 3 carries for 26 yards and a touchdown.  White then played the entirety of week 4 and held his own, going 13/22 with a pick and running 7 times for 20 yards and his third rushing TD of the preseason.  He's not the most accurate guy in the league, but he's certainly shown he can move an offense and he fits well in that Redskins scheme.

4. Tim Tebow, FA, formerly Patriots (last time 4th)
Tebow didn't play in week 3, and actually did okay in week 4 when he went 6/11 for 91 yards and a 2:1 ratio with some added rushing yards.  It wasn't enough to save his job though, with the Pats deciding to go with two QB's to start the season.  It's pretty hard to see Tebow catching on elsewhere as a QB, but he definitely kept running during the preseason and that's gotta be worth something to someone.  One rumor has the Bills possibly showing interest, making Tebow the second lefty affected by the Bills QB situation.

5. Matt Leinart, FA, formerly Bills (last time 5th)
With E.J. Manuel and Kevin Kolb hurt and Jeff Tuel resting as the "starting quarterback" for week 1 of the regular season, the Bills were looking at zero playable QB's for the preseason's week 4.  So they made two moves, signing Leinart and making the aforementioned deal for Thad Lewis.  Neither QB had a solid knowledge of the Bills offense, but Leinart really showed his lack of familiarity with a 3/10 showing for 11 yards, as well as two interceptions.  Lewis looked a lot better in his time as he went 7/16 for 132 yards and a touchdown, and he also added 7 carries for 51 yards.  None of it really mattered in the end as the Bills cut both QB's and will now head into week 1 of the regular season with one healthy QB.  It'll be interesting to see if they sign a backup from somewhere.

6. Sean Canfield, FA (last time 6th)
Zero activity on the Canfield front once again this week.  On the next update I may move this down to five QB's, unless I find a cool tidbit on what Canfield is up to nowadays.

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