Friday, October 25, 2013

Card Shop Trades!

So as I was trying to trade up for my Seneca Wallace White Whale, I acquired a lot of neat cards.  The Seneca Quest fell short because the guy wants a small fortune for that card after all, and I still have all these cards.  So I've got a few ideas for them that'll hopefully lead to some other PC gets and some fun times, one of which included trying to make a trade with my favorite LCS!

I traded with this guy a few years back in an attempt to pick up some goodies for blogger Dennis, and it worked to perfection.  Back then I was just stopping by during the day to kill time for a craft show, but now this shop is my closest at about 10 minutes away and I really ought to frequent it more.  It's the least card shop of my local card shops as it's really a comic place with a small smattering of cards, and even then the singles/packs of cards don't change much (I literally picked up a card in today's trade that was there in a singles box 2-3 years ago so that gives you an idea of how little the stuff moves).  But I love the store just the same, and it's fun to dig through all his goodies!

Now per usual with me, none of this is very "high end," and it's mostly because the singles in the store aren't very high end.  There was a Nolan Ryan on card auto for $74.99, but then the next most expensive cards were an Eric Davis short printed auto and an Emanuel Sanders auto for $24.99.  So cheap stuff all around.  I gave him a bunch of local stuff (inserts, rookies, an auto or two) and got six cards in return, a few for potential prospecting, a few for me!

Chase Daniel Gridiron Graphs
Daniel was a hot commodity when the Saints let him go, and there was almost talk of him starting for the Chiefs before Alex Smith took the job and ran with it (well, did okay with it, he's not bad but the Chiefs wouldn't be undefeated without that defense).  There's only really three quarterbacks I've ever considered prospecting (i.e. hoarding cards of backups and hoping they blow up big) and Daniel is the one with the best shot of success in my eyes.  Even if he doesn't succeed, I dig this card and I'm sure I'll hold onto it for a bit!

Darius Butler RC #'d 1/25 (Ebay 1/1 OMGZ)
Butler played decently for New England for a few years before moving to Indianapolis, where he is now their nickel back and has 4 interceptions on the year.  He recently held Wes Welker in check (which is no small feat), and this guy's star seems like it could really be rising.  So it's never bad to have a rarer print run card of his!

Josh Freeman Score Hot Rookies Artist Proof Inscriptions #'d 4/32
This card has a ton of parallel aspects to it, and it's also potentially the most valuable of the cards I found (I googled it and one sold in the past for like $30).  Of course now they probably sell for less since he basically just had the worst game a quarterback has ever had.  But I liked Freeman in his one good year and always wanted a card of his, and this hardly seems like a bad one to get.  So if he is done, it was free, if he bounces back in a big way in the future maybe I'll see a little profit!

Roman Harper Score End Zone #'d 4/6
Probably the lowest #'d card in the store, bar none.  I'm a sucker for low numbered stuff so I grabbed this card even with the bottom edge damage, which looks much worse in the scan but is admittedly pretty crappy.  Still a neat card to me though.

Jarrett Brown Rookies and Stars Parallel #'d 5/25
Remember how I said Daniel was one of three guys I would've prospected?  The other two are both former Browns 3rd/4th/practice squad QBs, Thad Lewis and Jarrett Brown.  Lewis is seeing the most success now as a spot starter for the Bills, and I'm kicking myself for not buying some cheap /25 autos of him when I had the chance.  Brown is out of the league and the least successful and that's probably why it was so easy to get a rookie of his /25.  This is the one card in this lot that is almost guaranteed to stay with me, as I have always wanted a Brown card and I like the look of this one even if it is probably a bit busy for some.

Danny Woodhead Sage Hit Gold RC
This is the card I almost bought 2-3 years ago, just as Woodhead and BenJarvus Green-Ellis started bursting on the scene.  I really wanted a Woodhead RC but at the moment traded for other stuff instead.  Luckily I found this card in pretty much the same exact box it was in before, and grabbing it this time was an easy decision even if Woodhead is on a different team now.

So there you have it...a few chances for some prospecting, a few neat cards, and a nice time at my LCS!  I'm sure I'll head back sooner than later if only to grab some comics...he has a 5 for $1 bin and my kids at school love reading comics in their free time!

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