Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fancy Pants Auto

It was a pleasant surprise to find a rare Rod Smart card so quickly since he has so few cards overall. I figured it'd be much easier to find a rare Michael Bishop since he has nearly 200 cards, but it actually turned out to be quite difficult.  A lot of his nicer stuff isn't listed places, probably in nice Patriots or Kansas State collections at the moment.  So I'm sure I'll come across more when I dig in the future, but for now I'm stuck mostly with base, inserts, and non serial #'d parallels.  Which is cool, because I'm excited to dig, but dang, you'd think more stuff would be loose!

Not all the cards available are non numbered though, as I found an auto on Blowout that had conveniently been listed a few days before I decided to collect Bishop.  A guy was selling Contenders pieces, and most were base or variations but one was something called a Speed Red parallel of Michael Bishop.  I had no idea what a Speed Red was, but I was intrigued and I grabbed it.  Pretty nice to get a higher end Contenders auto right off the bat!

Here's the front (the line at the bottom is the penny sleeve):
Ooo red.  And speed!  Bishop's auto is a lot less legible than Seneca's, but I still think I'll grow to dig it what with its huge ending loops and focus on the h and l in the first name (I sign my name in a similar vowel eliminating fashion).  He's got 29 autos in all, so it should be good!

Here's the back:
017/100, gotta love that classic numbering unlike the printed way Topps does it these days.  Also love the big "Speed" on the back, kinda funky.  And as for the stats, we'll focus on those in the future.  But spoiler alert, Bishop was a way better college QB than Seneca was lol.

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