Friday, December 13, 2013

Good old Donruss

I know that when a lot of baseball card collectors hear the word "Donruss," they think of late 80's/early 90's overproduction at its finest/worst, and that's fair.  But unlike other companies of the era, like Score for example, I feel that Donruss got a lot better once it got out of that era.  Granted Donruss usually had Leaf to pull it up in my mind (Leaf produced one of my all time favorite sets in 1995), but Donruss always did well for me too.  Nice enough base, nice enough inserts, and when autos and relics became all the rage they did those nicely as well.  So it's a shame to see them gone these days, as I always preferred these guys to the Topps brand for one reason or another.

Today's Michael Bishop card, from the lot I purchased from that guy,, is #189 from the 1999 Donruss set.  Possibly not everyone's cup of tea, but I like the look of this one.  Here ya go:
 Cool little shot of Bishop mid throw, which is always an interesting albeit slightly awkward shot.  Then the card takes on sort of a mullet on the right half, part on the left half what with the mix of color, random star bursts, and those grey lines.  Pretty wild stuff!  Mostly I just love the old Patriots uniforms in this one, what with the giant Pat Patriot logos and those red white and blue socks!

Here's the back:
I really like the way the lines give a shelf for each vital stat, and the write up here is pretty awesome as well.  It describes Bishop very accurately, as a guy blessed with fantastic physical talent who was blocked by one of the decade's best pure throwers in Drew Bledsoe.  Who knows what would have happened if Bishop had been snatched up by another QB needy team of the ERA like the Cowboys (who saw Troy Aikman fall into retirement after an iffy 2000), the Falcons (Chris Chandler?), or the Chargers (Ryan Leaf...nuff said there).

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