Thursday, December 5, 2013

Guys I thought about PCing besides my new guys...

So everyone always announces who they PC and whatnot...figured I'd do a quick list of all the guys I thought about PCing but inevitably went against.  Here goes:

MLBers who missed the cut: Fred McGriff (been there done that), Brian Daubach (Red Sawx), similarly Troy O'Leary, Manny Ramirez, Greg Maddux (way too many cards but man so awesome)

2004 Madden guys who just barely missed it: Woody Dantzler (mostly because I found his best card and it's never changing hands), Jake Schifino, Corey Alston, Tory Woodbury (he of four cards total), Patrick Chukwurah, Michael Stone, James Wofford, Ross Kolodziej (technically not in 2004 but still a Madden guy), Lamont Brightful, Bethel Johnson, Brad Banks, Clint Stoerner, Tim Hasselbeck, Ricky Williams (not the famous pot smoking one), Ben Gay (so close, kind of another Ben there done that), Mike McKenzie, Shantee Orr (see Ross Kolodziej), Aveion Cason

NFLers who missed the cut because they'd have too much competition for their cards: Josh Cribbs, Mike Glennon (thought about prospecting), Duce Staley (again been there done that as well), Brandon Marshall (way too much competition)

Former Patriots who missed the cut: J.R. Redmond, Jermaine Wiggins, Lawyer Milloy, Willie Clay, Ty Law, Tom Brady (because damn that'd be expensive), Troy Brown, Deion Branch

And that's about it.  I'm settled on four for now...Bishop and Stith should be fairly active for a while, Smart slower going, Seneca a snail's pace, and that's good for me.  But these are all the guys they beat out.  So...lists!

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