Thursday, December 19, 2013

Smarts and Stiths

I have a LOT of scans on my desktops now as beginnings are always the biggest influx of cards for a collection, at least in my experience.  So here's a few of them (these come from two separate purchases on Blowout).

This first one's a pretty neat die cut from 2000 Press Pass:
It's called "Breakout," and is probably named for that TI-83 game that you played during Pre-Calc when you were pretending to pay attention.  I love the coloring of this thing.
 I love when they quote people on cards (think the Dick Pole quote on a 1996 Circa card from back in the day) and this one brings high praise for Shyrone Stith.  High praise indeed.

Dominion was always a slick looking set for me, and this one looks especially high end...was this Pacific's high end?  I have no idea:
 Nice cut anyway...both on the front and on the back:
One of 27 early entrants into the 2000 draft.  I was curious who else had entered early, and I actually found a list here.  The guys I think who found the most success include:

Lavar Arrington
Plaxico Burress
Shaun Ellis
Sebastian Janikowski
Jamal Lewis

Debatable Successes:
Darrell Jackson
Bubba Franks
Deon Grant
Dez White

Guys who...what?:
Rodregis Brooks
Kwame Cavil
Jeffrey Dunlap
Bud Herring
Tariq McDonald
Hubert Thompson

There's a few other dudes there but these stood out the most to me.

And finally, Press Pass base:
 Nice simple design, aside from the really shiny name plate that doesn't scan well.
Solid stats, though I never realized you could red shirt after you played.  Anyone care to explain that?  Or I can just google it I guess.

Moving on, here's the other sweet awesome running back I now collect, Torrold DeShaun Smart.  Or Rod as his friends call him:
Another nice set, Fleer Tradition used to always put together a pretty decent card, depending on how you feel about Retro I suppose.
Super simple back, but I can dig it.  I also love when a card back has stats that pertain to the this one mentions kick return stats which wouldn't apply to most RBs but definitely applies in Smart's case.  Solid yards per return right there.

Here's a picture of Smart again...I'm gonna assume this is from the 2003 Super Bowl:
#34 of the Patriots would be special teams ace Chris Akins.  I say ace, but this was actually the last real season of Akins 6-year career (he spent 2004 on the Dolphins IR) and he ended with just 4 tackles and 1 pass defended.  Reading his Wikipedia page, I guess Akins had a lot of talent but suffered mental lapses and didn't have the best attitude...kinda neat to learn that much info about a guy with less than 50 career tackles.  Anyways, he's the guy on this card with a Super Bowl ring and not Smart, so that's interesting.
Another real simple back, but this one has a short bio which is...weird.  He basically praises Smart in the least praiseworthy way ever.  Smart's good cause he's good at special teams and he can play the running back position.  Niiiiice Upper Deck.

But finally we come to the end of the post.  And man this card rules...and it's not because of Jon Kasay:
 Dat Afro.  Such hair.  Much excellence.  Wow.
I always liked the way these multiple player Topps Total cards look, what with getting a lot of info across in little blips.  The Jason Kyle part is especially cool since he was basically just a long snapper at this point, and it's tough to really say a lot about long snappers on a card.  So well done Topps needed to bring you back!

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