Friday, December 6, 2013

Some of my newest Bishops, Bows and BowChros

The neat thing about retrocollecting (aka retroactively collecting) at first is that a lot of people have a bunch of the lower end stuff sitting around and will happily send it your way on the cheap.  That's how I was able to grab 7 Michael Bishop rookies from a guy on Blowout to quickly boost my totals from 2 cards to 9 (almost double digits woohoo!) for the price of shipping alone.  I'll spread em out over a couple of posts, but wanted to start with the classic rookie card brand, Bowman, since that's a good place to start a collection.  Plus I have always loved the look of the 1999 version!

Here's the base Bowman, #204:
It's off center top to bottom but I never care about such things (lol).  I more care about how cool the card looks, and this one's a good one!  I dig the way the Bowman logo works with the Patriots colors.  The team name/position script is kinda crazy but I think it works here.  And the sillver for the name at the bottom is a wonderful touch, great card all around.

The back:
Lots of info well presented.  Again we notice how well Michael Bishop played as a college QB, with 59 total touchdowns in just two seasons of play.  He also only three 12 interceptions to 36 touchdown passes.  In contrast Seneca Wallace scored 15 touchdowns on the ground and threw 26 touchdown passes with 27 interceptions in his two years (neat that both my QB guys had two year college careers).  Yet Seneca was picked 3 rounds and 117 picks earlier than Bishop in his draft...go figure!  I guess it kind of worked out since Wallace has had a more successful NFL career than Bishop did, but Bishop also never really got a fair shot during his short NFL tenure.

Anyways, here's the Chrome:
Off center left to right (I mostly just noticed since I had two cards to compare lol).  Otherwise very similar aside from the chrome finish and the addition of the word Chrome to the logo.  But Chrome rules, so obviously this card looks AWESOME!

The back:
I always find it funny these days how card companies started numbering base Topps and chrome Topps differently.  I liked it more when the cards all had the same number, like these ones here.  Base is 204, Chrome is 204...wonderful.  So the only real difference on the backs is the addition of the word Chrome, but that's just fine with me!

I'll be posting other Bishops from this deal over the next few days!

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