Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Fantasy Teams!

So I feel like I mentioned it somewhere here before, but after having her watch "The League" I was able to get my wife to play fantasy football this year.  It was pretty awesome having her be a little into sports for a while, and she loved it too.  She also ended up being pretty damn good at it - lost in the finals (I finished like 11th of 16 teams...whoops).  

To memorialize it for her I bought her a team lot of her team.  Grabbed some stuff on Blowout and COMC, put it all in a self made pack, and she liked it a lot even though she doesn't care for sports or cards typically.  It was a pretty neat idea and I was glad it went so well!

I mentioned the idea to my brother, who's in my fantasy basketball league, and guess what I ended up getting as a gift?  That's right...my team!  Here are the starters:
At the time I got this package, my starters were Chris Paul, Wesley Matthews, Kawhi Leonard, Chris Bosh, and LaMarcus Aldridge.  I trade and add/drop a lot so typically my roster changes a bunch, but I actually still have 4 out of 5 of the guys here.  The only one I don't is Paul...who i traded in a pretty big deal right before Christmas.

My brother knew this, so he (and my Dad actually) tried to grab the guys I got back in the deal, Carmelo Anthony and Michael Carter-Williams.  MCW is a fairly new rookie and they couldn't find any cards of him, but they did get a Melo, which I'll show off with my bench guys below:
West and Parker were drafted by me, while Marion and Carter were free agency grabs.  Sanders came from a 1:1 trade where I got Sanders for Nikola Pekovic, and Melo came in the Paul trade I mentioned.  Now the bench is where it gets more messy - I've since traded Marion and West in a deal that got me Tim Duncan and Ty Lawson (pretty nice).  And Carter was dropped for Enes Kanter.  But I've still got Melo, Sanders, and Parker here which is neat.

So all in all 7/11 guys are still on my team, which is pretty remarkable given my add/drop/trade ways.  But all 11 cards are awesome, it's really cool to have a snapshot of this season's team and hopefully they'll be able to bring home the championship for me this year!

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