Monday, January 27, 2014

Last of the Bishopicans

Daniel Day Lewis reference?  Daniel Day Lewis reference.  Why not.

Since it's a month after Christmas at this point, I figured I should finish up posting my Bishops so we can all get on our merry 2014 way.  So here's the last four cards I got, all from family Christmas!

The first is a Gold Ingot parallel of one of Bishop's Collector's Edge Rookie Cards (this one's the First Place version).  In person it's kinda neat, but in scan...whoa:
Some cards just scan really crazy when you put them on the scanner...this was definitely one of those cards.  The back is like the base:

I also was able to get Bishop's Pacific Paramount card, which shows a little bit more of that wacky Shrine Bowl helmet:
Still can't identify all the stickers, but it's a groovy card.  I especially like the multi color name's bizarre and certainly makes the card pop!  The back has a lot of color too:
Too much color?  NEVER!  And that career record is just nuts...21-2 over two years.  Especially impressive given his 13-8 TD-INT ratio in 1997.  Kid could ball.

A wild autograph approaches!  This one's Player's Ink Green, and has a weird speckle effect that is magnified by the scan as well:
 I think they're supposed to sign in the white, Bishop kinda did lol.  The back's neat too though:
Awesome certification, and what looks like it could maybe be Drew Bledsoe in the background.  Maybe.  Adam Vinatieri?  Who knows haha.

Finally, and probably the coolest card of this lot, is a Bishop jersey piece from 2001 Pacific Private Stock:
Now as I mentioned with my Heads Up collection, late Pacific kind of became a jersey dump of the best of kinds...instead of making 100 jersey cards of 1 guy, they made 1 jersey card for 100 different guys.  And as a result a guy like Bishop gets a random jersey card in his third year in the league even though he had barely seen the field at all to this point.  Thanks Pacific!
Nice little back here, and I like how on these cards they work in a "and wore this jersey."  I'm not sure how believable it is given late Pacific's shady dealings...but I like to think it's accurate.  Now I just need Bishop's patch jersey to complete the two card set!

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