Saturday, January 11, 2014

Michael Bishop is Elite...and some other cards

All I have left is Michael Bishop cards, so I decided to put 'em all together.  This way I can finally post my Christmas goodies!

The first card, and part of the reason for this post, is from 1999 Donruss Elite.  It's the base card...notice it's square shape and lack of serial numbering.  That's key.
And here's the back.
It says Bishop was born "N/A."  That's kinda mysterious. Wikipedia says he was born in Galveston, TX.  Weird.

Not all Elite cards are as elite as the others.  Here's an Aspirations parallel, numbered 26/93:
 Wow.  Such shiny.  Much die cut.  Wow.
Same back, but it's die cut and the front rules more, so aeeeyaaaahoooooo!

Not all cards can be as elite as elite, and that's where the rest of this post comes in.  So get yourself some popcorn
and settle in for five more cards.

The first is from 2001 Upper Deck Vintage.  OMGZ TEH FUTURERZ11!
Nice simple design.  I don't know what it emulates but I'm sure you guys do, so
There's a back too, as there tends to be:
Bishop suddenly has a birthplace, as well as a comic where he appears to be white.  Hoorah!

Score always looks a little cheaper to me, but I also always love it.  Yeah I dunno either.  But here's 2001 Score Select:
A nice little action shot, if Is till collected cup cards this would qualify (I count two cups and one cooler).
The back is a slightly tighter shot and otherwise pretty simple.

Less simple is this awesome card from Fleer Focus:
Umm...I mean Fleer Focus:
Remember that Score autograph a little while back.  This is pretty similar, only instead of a yellow glow this one is surrounded by a white glow.  Still neat.  It actually looks higher end in hand, and I'm sure it's supposed to seem that way since Bishop is the focus of the image AND it's numbered.
Told ya it was numbered.  1897/2250, so not super high end but still nice.  Bishop has a different hometown here by the way, as that's definitely not Galveston.  Very weird.

The last two cards are recycled-ish  images...similar fronts on each with slight variations.  First Leaf Rookies and Stars:
And then 1999 Score Supplemental: 
Personally I'd say Leaf Rookies and Stars did it better, but what do you guys think?  I have a few more for you all as well:
And I'm out...

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