Saturday, February 22, 2014

Dennis trades me stuff, Aaron Hernandez continues to terrify me

Dennis recently (can you say recently if it was several months ago) mentioned that he was working on COMC deals.  He buys something, you trade for it, that kind of thing.  We had also been in talks about him commissioning my wife for a crossstitch piece.  In other words, he wanted something from me and I wanted something from him, so we decided to make a trade!

When I asked my wife if she would stitch the piece for a deal, she laughed.  She is not a fan of trading her work for cards.  Luckily I can stitch!  So I asked her if I could borrow her pattern and make it, she said sure, and I put my hands to cardboard use.

The piece went out to Dennis once finished, and a day or two later I had cards in my mailbox.  The first of which...was terrifying:
For those who can't read it, the words say "pew pew pew" and there's a gun in Hernandez's hand.  It almost looks like a love gun, which would also be terrifying.  Hernandez was in Dennis' last package, and it looks like he is still gunning for me (pun intended).
At first I thought this said he would find and murder me, but then I realized it said he "will f'in murder you!"  It's so incredible.  Add in the "led jail" piece and the "murders" all just comes together so nicely.  Though if Hernandez's 5 murders in 2009 didn't lead the league, I wonder whose did?

I'll be piecing out the non-threatening cards of our crossstitch for COMC cardboard deal into 3 posts, starting with this brief one.  I separated then my PC type, and this one is two cards total and covers two PCs.  Excellent cards both.
The first is this Bowman's Best refractor.  I have the base card, but the refractor is BEAUTIFUL.  The gold lines really pop and as good as this looks after being scanned, it's even better in person.  A really cool effect and I love what Bowman did with this.
The back has the numbering over Bishop's face, and then also details that it's a refractor up in the top right corner below the number.  I really wish companies would have a little type symbol like that for parallels all the time, especially refractors, as sets like 1993 Finest are a lot harder to identify for me without that.  Maybe it's just me haha.

The other card will look similar, but is different:
I already have an Extreme Limited Pacific card and an Unnumbered Extreme Limited Pacific card.  This one is a parallel of the same base, but is the Premiere Date stamped card rather than the Extreme Limited stamped card.  This one is also unstamped though, which means I still need the stamped one.  I'd again think this is one of those cards that was held back for replacement and then just sold off when Pacific went bankrupt, so it's a welcome addition to the collection!
The back looks identical to the other Pacific cards, but I still dig it.  I love how they leave such a big space for statistics even though Smart only had one year of stats at the time.  I tend to be a fan of backs that let the stats do all the talking, and this back kind of does that in a weird way, which is cool.

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  1. I'm not sure if that Hernandez card is funny or scary.