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People Downtown Sure are Friendly!

If that reference makes no sense to you, you must not have watched Hey Arnold in the 90's. Solid Nicktoon:

When I started my new collections I wrote about them everywhere, practically shouted about them from the rooftops.  What can I say, I like to share!  A guy on Blowout found one of those posts and sent me a message out of the blue.  Turns out his ex-girlfriend had a huge Michael Bishop collection and it's now his.  He had a bunch of extra base and wondered if I wanted any for my set...to which I obviously said yes!  He said he has more stuff so down the line we may trade for hits, but in the meantime 11 new base cards for the set (5.6% overall, not exactly a lightweight) worked perfect for me!

A lot of the cards came from 1999 Edge in its various incarnations.  Edge seems kind of like Pacific in that there's a bunch of variations of similarish cards.  I dig 'em though.  This first one is the Edge Advantage base:
Those sleeves doe!  I don't know why but they designed to give that shiny foil effect to Bishop's sleeves, and I can't tell if I like it but I also can't really look away.  Pretty crazy effect for sure.  Also a pretty big Draft logo!  I had the auto version of this already and it's missing all that bottom stuff.

Here's the back:
The auto back was all certification-y, but this one has all that info stuff going on.  Niiiiice.

Another one of the variations is this Edge Fury one, which I dig a bit more:
Kind of a nice little action shot, and then that fire down at the bottom behind the letters.  Intense, no?
I like the back of this card better, short and sweet and filled with stats.

I also received the Gold Ingot parallel of this.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE how these things scan.  They look so neat:
Just darker all over, gives it some good shading.  And of course the Gold Ingot stamp sparkles like crazy.  Back is the same so...here you go again!

Edge Fury also has an Heir Force parallel, which is pretty different:
Kinda refreshing for a parallel to look significantly different than just slightly so (even though I love that Ingot one).  But the dual image is cool, coloring in general is cool, the name pilot wings part is pretty fun...great card all around.
The back is a little squishy...I can't look at it without feeling like it's 1 inch wide at the most.  Neat front though haha.

Mixing it up majorly, we have a few dual cards!  The first features Bishop with Andy Katzenmoyer:
Katzenmoyer seemed like he was going to be SUCH A BEAST after he was drafted in the first round in 1999, and people were really excited about him.  Unfortunately he suffered a neck injury in his first season that caused him to walk away from the sport during training camp of 2001.  One can only imagine how solid Katzenmoyer would've been at LB for those early 00 Patriots (who were already awesome at LB).
Very simple back, but interesting to see a pairing of a 1st rounder and a 7th rounder here.  Were Damien Woody and Kevin Faulk not good enough?

The other dual I got is from 2000 Pacific and features Sean Morey:
This one makes a bit more sense in terms of pairing, as Morey was the Patriots OTHER 7th round pick in 1999, 14 picks after Bishop.  It is weird the card came out a year after the draft though.
Morey saw the first field action of these two guys though pretty much just on special teams.  He ended up with a 10 year career though, with highlights including being on the 2003 Sports Illustrated All Pro Team for special teams, moderate success in NFL Europe, a 2008 Pro Bowl bid and a Super Bowl win with he 2005 Steelers.  Actually a really successful career - well done Morey!

Back to single player cards.  These next two are very similar cards, so I'll show them back to back:
The first one is the base, the second is the Paydirt Silver parallel...which has silver highlights.  Both cards have the same back, like this:
Little chess mention there, which is random but nice.  Also I never realized how bad his completion percentage was in 1997 - 43.2%, really?  I'm surprised he was able to improve it by so much in 1998, though it also makes sense why he was only a 7th rounder given the really low figure overall.

Here's a set I had seen before in Shaun King form, and I still love it.  1999 Press Pass X's and O's:
Very cool die cut set.  And the back is neat too:
A very different kind of back given that it's all a quote by Bishop.  It's also super interesting in that the card came out prior to his Patriots tenure so the quote is all about where he would like to go.  I like the idea of Dan Marino showing Bishop a few pointers...very cool.  Redskins would've been interesting too...Brad Johnson actually did well for them in 1999 but within a few quick years Washington's QB position was a wasteland so they definitely could've used Bishop!

Two cards left, first is 1999 UD Victory which is simple, but I like it:
Like it EXCEPT for the weird mirror effect on the bottom...not sure what's up with that.
This card says Bishop is 6'3" where others say shorter.  It's crazy to me how much that happens.  Otherwise, nice simple back.  I like when they really work the team color into the design.

Final card...and one of the coolest...Bowman's Best:
So chromey, doesn't scan too well but they never do.  It's beautiful in person though.
I love how they break down the college stats like whoa.  Interesting to see the big home-road split here...it's very significant and makes me wonder why Bishop was so effective in Kansas State's friendly confines.  No wonder he was such a fan favorite!

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