Monday, March 3, 2014

Back in the game! I'm now trying out Sportlots in addition to COMC!

So I have some stuff on COMC, and I had my little pile of trade bait, but I was kind of sad that my trade bait stuff couldn't be continuously for sale like the stuff on COMC.  It's just on a random, barely viewed page on a blog and that's no fun for anyone lol.

Well someone on the Blowout forums kept talking about Sportlots, and though I've bought there a ton of times I've never sold there before.  That ended this weekend!  I finally set up a store, and it's actually fairly easy!  So easy, in fact, I'd kind of recommend it for anyone in the blogosphere who hates Ebay but wants to move some cards.  It's free to list cards in your store, you only pay if they sell.  Listing is a bit tedious, but if you have cards sorted by player or set it helps a lot.  And other than that it's pretty easy!  Set your standard shipping rate, add pictures if you want...boom.

If anything sells, you get paid at the beginning of the next month in one big check.  Sportlots' cut depends on how much you make, with them getting a lower percentage if you make more money.  But in general most everything I sent to Sportlots is stuff I don't expect to sell for much anyways, so any money is good with me!

Anyways, feel free to check my Sportlots out - it's in a link to the right, as is my COMC and my trade bait page.  Sportlots is a bit tricky to navigate by seller as you have to search cards or sets, but you can try it out for players or sets you're seeking.  If you click my link try typing "Brandon Waring," that way you can see how pictures work too since I have a few for him since my cards of his are graded.  And as always, like with COMC, I'm open to negotiating here on the blog if you want a lower price on one or more cards...just let me know!

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