Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I'm not here to rehash the guy's story, nor am I here to start a debate.  But I've mentioned a few times that I've always had this drive to collect guys who are important to some of the ideals I hold dear.  It's why I collected Glenn Burke for a second, it's why I'm continually impressed with a guy like Brandon Marshall, and it's why I grabbed this card off Ebay as soon as I saw it - it's Michael Sam's Reese's Senior Bowl oversized card:
No back to this card, just a big old orange piece.  Here's a comparison between it and a normally sized card (also kind of a teaser trailer for my next post):
Sam's NFL story should be an interesting one to follow, and I'm going to be very tempted to add him to my personal collection ranks depending on where he ends up and how much his cards cost.  I heard some rumors that his cards might cost a small mint, but I've also heard he could end up a member of the Patriots...and that'd be pretty cool!

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