Thursday, May 1, 2014

My wife's trying to open a store in downtown Cincinnati and has an Indiegogo for it - anyone wanna donate or share the link?

I've mentioned my wife's cross stitch business that she runs a few times on this blog, plus there's been a constant advertisement for the business in the sidebar of my blog.  So I'm sure most of you are aware of the cool stuff she does.  Well as fun as it has been running around the midwest for craft shows the past few years, my wife's finally ready to go big(ger) time with a brick and mortar shop of her own.  It will be a combination of her stuff, awesome wholesale/consignment stuff she finds from weird and local sources, and classes/events centered around needlearts that the area is missing.  It's gonna be freaking awesome!

The only issue with the awesome space we have (which is smack in the middle of downtown and 750 square feet with exposed brick on one wall and beautiful hardwood floors) is that they want the lease to begin to June, which is in exactly one month and a bit sooner that we initially expected.  We can make it work, but a little crowdfunding would help, so she made an Indiegogo to support the cause, which can be found here:

So there's two ways you can help:
1. Donating.  Even donating at low as $10 gets you a perk, which here is pretty awesome.  DMC, the main makers of floss for cross stitch, make 488 different colors of floss, and my wife is going to sell all 488 on a giant floss wall.  For $10 you lay claim to the color of your choice, to be renamed with you.  So if, say, Night Owl donated $10 to my wife's cause, he could forever make dark blue Night Owl blue.  And people would come in to buy floss and ask for Night Owl blue.  That's pretty cool IMHO...not a bad perk.  There are bigger perks too, both material and immaterial (like feeling like you've done good in the world, man that's a nice perk lol).

2. Sharing.  If you don't donate, which I understand, it'd be cool as heck if you could at least share my wife's campaign link in some fashion.  Mention this blog post on your blog, tweet the link, post the link on Facebook, share it with your wife or husband, mention it to someone at work, shout it from the rooftops, tattoo it on your forehead...really whatever you feel comfortable with as long as word continues to get out.  The goal we set is $2,000 but really we could use a lot more and the more we get the cooler this whole thing will be, so we need all the page views we can get!

In conclusion, thanks for reading this far, and if you help in any way, thank you thank you thank you!  If you don't...well you're still cool for reading my blog, so I still heart you.  Keep on keepin' on!


  1. I'll have to check it out from home. My work computer watchdog program won't let me go to the link.

  2. Haha yeah my work is a little like that too!