Friday, May 23, 2014

The Late Great COMC Purchase - More Bishops

Gonna finish off the new Bishops I got today, with a lot of fancy serial numbered stuff and another auto!

The first is by far the shiniest, it's the Bowman's Best card that I already had the base and the refractor /400 for.  This is the atomic refractor /100:
Man this card looks amazing in person.  Really pops!
The back is pretty simple, just like the other Bowman's Best cards but with the /100 numbering on the side.

Another parallel I grabbed is Bishop's Bowman Chrome Interstate parallel:
Stupid fingerprints showing up in the scan...but really this card is pretty awesome.  Instead of the typical field background Bowman photoshopped in something from the guy's home state.  Since Bishop grew up in Texas, it's a shot of the Alamo, which has no basement.
The back is like the typical card, but with a state license plate slapped in the middle.  Pretty cool for a parallel set - I can dig it.

Yet another parallel, this one is an Edge Fury Preview card with logos all over the place:
I already have the Gold Ingot card from this set, which is just like this one but with a gold "gold ingot" down at the bottom instead of the silver one here.  This is a preview of the gold card, which you can tell from the back:
Down in the bottom right there, that's what makes this a Preview card.  The whole idea of preview cards is pretty interesting to me, as they're the cards you don't really think about when a new set comes out today but when you look back on checklists from the past they're always there to be collected.  So always jump on those preview cards when you can!

The last non-autographed card of this package is Bishop's Fleer Mystique card, which is /2999:
The stamp is in the bottom left here.  It's kind of an odd looking's like Fleer was trying to be higher end (and the stock is certainly nice) but they couldn't decide on a real good design for it.  Not a bad card, but something about the card front just doesn't work for me.
Here's the back, which is new to this site.  I actually really like the back, still some weird use of space in places but I like the way they worked the photo in and the yellow/white/green stat box weirdly works for me.  Not too shabby.

The last card of the package is AN AUTOGRAPH!  It's Bishop's SPX auto /1999, and man this one took some selectiveness on my part!
The auto here is a little rushed (mainly in the M), and it runs off the card a bit/has a stray line on he fair right, but it looks really bold in person, which is great and exactly what I was going for.  A lot of Bishop's autos on this card are faded now for some reason.  I'm not sure if it's the stock, or the pen he used, or something else.  But every time I saw a good price on one of these autos it was very faded and hard to see.  So when I found a cheap version that was also bold, I pounced on it!

I also really kind of dig the stray mark on the right, as it seems like he was signing the next card and accidentally started on this card.  It's like I have 1.1 autographs or something.
The back was cutoff a little bit by my scanner, but this gives you the gist.  Just a nice little guarantee about the autograph, a reuse of the picture from the front, and some serial numbering.  Good stuff as always Upper Deck!

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