Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Late Great COMC Purchase - starting with some Bishops

Man what a few months it has been for COMC.  From pretty much the best card buying site on the web, to Beckett has a nasty break up with them that forces them to bring the site down for a day, to today's site that is the work of 1.5 months + of hard work by COMC staff and people like you and me who do challenges.  Definitely stuff none of us likely ever imagined, especially myself when I sent some cards in for selling in early February of this year.

My cards were supposed to be done in 8 weeks, and about half of those 100 were, with a few taking a bit longer.  In the meantime I tried flipping some cards and did challenges to earn credit.  The end result?  I now have 217 cards on COMC for selling (mostly due to flipping), with fairly decent sales for such a small port.  And I ended up with a ton of spare store credit, so I turned around and spent that on a bunch of PC stuff, which I'll show off over the next bunch of posts!

I wanted to start with a few Michael Bishop cards that relate to each other.  The first two come from 1999 Sage, and they are the Bronze autograph /650 and the Red autograph /999:
It's really hard to tell how nice a Sage signature will look based on a scan, what with the tamper resistant stickers, but suffice it to stay there both look fabulous in person.  I actually prefer the red signature, which is huge and loopy, but the bronze signature is quite nice as well.  I also like the sticker placement, like Bishop is leaping over it or something.
The back is the same for both, so I just posted one.  I really like the picture, and I find it interesting that the card back mentions Bishop's 40 time as well.  4.71 isn't bad at all for a QB, but for some reason I thought he'd be faster.  Hmmm.

My other two cards come from Crown Royale. The first is the "base:"
It's an awesome die cut colored silver.  The back is gold though:
Pretty sweet little card, everyone loves the Crown Royale die cuts, they were like the only die cut I could stand as a 90's kid.  What's weird is there's another Crown Royale set at this time which is real similar...but not the same:
No die cut here, but the same basic image and still Crown Royale.  This one's gold, and it's listed as gold.
Here's the back, which has a super weird television quality to it.  It's also #14 instead of #82 like the die cut.  So it's not from the same exact subset...even though the two subsets share a ton of similarities.  Late Pacific was weird.

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