Monday, June 9, 2014

New content coming soon...I promise! As to why I've been away...

It has been a busy couple of weeks.  Super busy.  Insanely busy.  Good busy but still...busy.  And as such my scanning has fallen by the wayside.  And as such my posting has fallen by the wayside.  Which is a damned dirty shame because I recently got a bunch of awesome cards in that need to be shared.  So I'm going to get on that soon!

So why have I been busy?
- My wife's still opening her store (link is active another 20 daysish, need $800 more to meet our goal, donate/share/read/whatevs -  She got the keys June 1st and since then we've been cobbling together parts and pieces to make it look like a real live store.  This past weekend we set up fixtures and painted, but there's still a lot to go.  I do think it's gonna be pretty awesome once it's up and running though.

- During all this store madness, my wife has had a craft show every weekend.  Literally like 6 in a row with another one this weekend.  They're fun, but they're also time consuming - have to pack the car, have to drive somewhere, have to unpack the car, have to sit for 6-10 hours hawking stuff, have to pack the car, have to drive home, have to unpack the car.  By the time that mess is done I usually try to spend Sunday sleeping it all off.  Happily we'll be doing less shows once the store is up and running.  Right now we do a few big shows and then a lot of little shows to see how they do.  When the stores up it's go big and go home.

- Teaching.  Last day with kids was Friday, but we have stuff today and tomorrow too.  Then it's officially Summer break, which is the biggest reason I think I can start posting again.

- And interviewing/job acquiring.  I wanted to get into public schools and I finally did.  Leaving my current job and moving to a more inclusion based middle school.  Ought to be a hoot!  It pays a lot more too which is a nice little bonus!

Anyways, that's what has kept me busy as of late.  Now I'll try to bring back the cardboard, for a little while at least until my next lull (lol).


  1. Wow!! Well, firstly, congrats on your new job!! Secondly, congrats on your wife's new store!! Thirdly, as someone once told me, "When you are able to come back to the hobby, it will be here with open arms."