Thursday, July 24, 2014

Good Things Come in Fours

Once again on Ebay I found a little multi-card PC lot (yahoo!).  

This time it was Michael Bishop, and it featured four cards, two of which I needed.  Two were his base Contenders auto, but the other two were fairly rare cards that I've never personally seen before.  So I snagged the auction as quick as I could, and man do these cards look fantastic in person.

First Bishop's Sage Platinum Auto:
Usually all the Sage autos are just a regular finish, but this one has a sort of holographic quality to it that really looks great in person.  Of course my scanner just really focused on the autograph (this one is 4/50) but I love that they upgraded the image for this lowered numbered parallel.

The back's just like the other Sage auto backs:
It did make me wonder about that Hick guy though.  Turns out it's Eric Hickson, who ran for 2500+ yards and 26 touchdowns during his four year Kansas State career.  The Buccaneers signed him as an UFA and he spent some time on their practice squad before being released.  He then played for the Miami Tropic of the Spring Football League before being drafted by the Birmingham Bolts of the XFL.  He was a 43rd round pick and one of only three RB on the roster (along with James Bostic and Curtis Alexander) but he never accumulated any stats so I'm not sure that he ever actually played for the Bolts after being drafted.

This next card is the one that sealed the auction for's the Trophy Collection edition, /20:
Specificially 4/20 (lol, now there would be a serial #'d collection to start).  But I just LOVE the little Trophy stamp here with the numbering, and the tint change to make all the lettering/stamping green.  I think it really works well here.

And then the back:
Lots of empty space, but I can dig it.

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