Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I traded for more of Jay's Junk

Jaybarkerfan is a guy I came to know mostly through my Listia days, and since then we've traded now and then, always with fantastic results.  He recently let me know that he had a Shyrone Stith I needed, and when I asked what he wanted in return he basically said whatever.

So I sent whatever.

And he sent me a beautiful Stith:
It's #'d 8/99, and it's a little hard to tell in the scan but there's a diagonal stripe across the middle of the card that reads Hobby LTD over and over.  It looks fantastic in person and captures the light especially well.
Here's the back, which features all of Stith's counting stats.  He did play one game with the Colts in 2001, but he didn't accrue any stats during that season.  Shame shame.

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