Sunday, July 20, 2014

Too Many Marlins!

Dennis, he of the Too Many blogs, semi-recently had a contest where you could win cards for taking cards.  I like cards, so I offered to take his Marlins, Bengals, and Browns (latter two for trade bait locally, Marlins for funzies).  That won me a prize and I got more cards, this time in 2014 Upper Deck football form.  A pretty sweet contest and a pretty sweet prize - here were some of my favorites!

First we have some gold serial numbered cards:

I remember when I used to collect serial numbered cards - that was a good time.  I think if I ever won the lottery I'd probably start again, it's just so expensive and never ending to chase any and every card with a print run.  I could always narrow it down to specific print runs or print runs over or under a certain number...but what's the fun in that?

It would be cool to do a 1986/xxxx collection though...

I also got a lot of youngster Marlins in this a Mike Stanton card.
We switched printers a while back, and this new one scans and crops on its own (I used to crop every image individually).  It's nice because it's fast, but it chews up all my borders.  So now someday I need to figure that out so poor Mike doesn't lose his borders.  At least he didn't lose his name like Tom Koehler here:

I really dig this Adrian Gonzalez Prospects card...always forget he started as a Marlin since he's bounced around so much.

And finally some nice early Miguel Cabrera cards...dude is such a beast.

Now on to the prize stuff!  I won a 2014 Upper Deck 50-150 set (basically all the rookies) and an Andrew Luck subset.  Good stuff all, but here are some of the highlights.

Jace Amaro, who could become the next Gronk in New York:

Tom Savage...who could very well be Houston's QB of the future (I love backup QBs haha).

Teddy Bridgewater, who IS Minnesota's QB of the future.

Jimmy Garoppolo, aka the guy who will hold the clipboard while Tom Brady plays another 27 seasons.

Blake Bortles, your #1 draft pick (good luck man, you'll need it in Jacksonville).

And last but DEFINITELY not least, Johnny Football himself.  Awesome card.

A lot of these cards are going into the non-PC binder, and the Bengals/Browns should turn into cool stuff from my LCS when I trade them in, so I appreciate all the goodies Dennis!

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