Saturday, August 2, 2014

Changes to the Blog - Otherwise known as how to get me to write more regularly and more intererestingly

So I've been fading from blogging for a while.  I'll stop in now and then to post a mail day or something, but by and large my blogging these days is kaput.  There are probably a lot of reasons, chief among them all the time I spend on Blowout and COMC, but I want to start blogging again so I figured I'd regroup and think of some fun ways to get myself re-focused.  

I decided on a "days" system.  Taco Tuesday, Throwback Thursday, that kind of thing.  Only with posting topics.  I've got an idea for five days, and I'm not guaranteeing that I'll post something for each thing every day, but it at least gives me something to shoot for.

Monday - Madden '04 Monday
Since my Seneca Wallace collection is based in Madden '04, and 3 of my other 4 collections (Shyrone Stith, Rod Smart, and the Heads Up Quads) are at least based in the game, I figured I'd dedicate a day to that game.  Most of the time I'll highlight a player from that game/year who I remember well, focusing some of their cards or something.  Sometimes posts may be about the game itself as I still play it now and then (like today Henry Burris and the 49ers pulled off a 24-20 upset of the Tom Brady led Patriots thanks to a Will Demps interception).

Wednesday - Fantasy Update
I know not everyone plays or cares about fantasy, but I play fantasy sports pretty much all year round (baseball, football, basketball) and I figured it would be kind of neat to mention my leagues on a weekly basis.  Not for everyone...but I think it'll be fun.

Friday - HOF Friday (aka the return of the GSNHOF!)
This one hasn't been touched in ages, but it's true, I'm bringing back the GSNHOF finally.  Most of the time I'll bring up a nomination, occasionally a nickname.  And then when the voting comes the posts will shift to voting/ballot type posts.

Saturday - Buyer Recap
From here on out I'll recap any card purchases/trades/mail I received on Saturdays.  If a package comes in or I buy something in person, it'll go here.

Sunday - Seller Recap
This will be a recap of that week's selling and buying of cardboard.  This includes Ebay sales if I have any, in person sales if I have any, COMC updates...etc.  So probably heavily COMC updates to start...but I love talking about COMC so that should be plenty!
Anywho, I'm starting tomorrow with a seller recap.  Hopefully this gets me back into blogging and, most importantly, kicks some juice back in the GSNHOF!


  1. Makes me want to turn on the PS3 and play a little Madden. I think my last copy is from '08 or '09. Looking forward to future posts... especially the "seller recaps". There's not enough of those in the blogger world.