Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wild Card Wednesday - New pets, Chuck Knoblauch in rap lyrics, and Tim Wallach

So Fantasy Update Wednesday is being reclaimed as Wild Card Wednesday.  Honestly, I was probably as bored writing about my fantasy teams as you guys were reading it.  Which isn't to say I'll never write about fantasy in this space again - since the point of this thread is for me to basically write whatever I want - but just that when I do it'll be a snippet of a larger ramble rather than a ramble all its own.

Today's ramble is three thoughts deep.

First the inspiration for the name of this day.  We got a new kitten, which now gives our household three cats total (which is probably plenty).  Our other two cats are a four year old and a 12 year old, and we wanted to throw another cat into the mix.  But we weren't sure how it'd work since our two cats now are pretty dominant, and you never know how a third will stir things up.  

So we tabled the idea for a while, but we watch a lot of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," and Charlie Day inspired us with his whole "Wild Card" routine.

We decided that no matter what she brought...even if it was totally'd also be totally awesome.  We also then decided our cats could have roles.  

Our four year old female Mabel would be the brains.

Our 12 year old burly dude Toby would be the brawn.

And then the new kitten, who we originally named Charlie...then Nellie...then something else I forgot...and finally Darcy...would be "the wild card."

So far so good.  They all actually get along quite well, even with this little misfit constantly batting the tails of our two older guys.  But now we have a complete set, and that's something perfect to share for a card blog, right?

My birthday passed a few months back, and my little brother got me the CD "Midnight Marauders" by A Tribe Called Quest, a classic hip hop group out of Queens, NY.  I was listening to their song "The Chase Pt. II" in the car and heard a lyric that cracked me up, it goes:

"Sit back and learn, come now watch the birdie
Your styles are incomplete, same as Vinny Testerverde"

(Here's the song for those curious)

Now that's not even the best reference on the CD - one of my personal favorites is a Barney the Dinosaur reference Phife Dawg makes on another track - but it is an obscure football player reference which made me search a few things.

First I looked up Vinny Testerverde, circa 1993.  Hard to believe he was already a six-year vet by then (the guy retired in 2007 after 21 years in the league), but the guy definitely threw a lot of incomplete passes during his tenure in the NFL.  In his first two full seasons as a starter (88-89), Vinny threw 33 touchdowns against an incredible 57 interceptions (nearly 30 per year).  He also never broke a 58% completion percentage until 1995 with the Browns - so a lot of his passes did not reach their targets.  Well played reference Tribe.

That reference made me desire more weird rap references, so I went to rapgenius to search out some more.  I found that somebody actually made a list of athlete references in rap music, which is actually pretty thorough, and is worth a look if you guys are into that stuff like me.  But they are missing one guy who is actually in two songs - Chuck Knoblauch.

He's in the song Ampersand by Asher Roth, but I didn't know that before searching/have never even heard the song and the reference is kinda weird.  But I DO know the song "Don't Understand" by Masta Ace, which has the fantastic lines of:

Pump it in their IROC, your block to my block,
I make hits like Chuck Knoblauch,
But don't make no error or get it confused,
You'll find yourself gettin' abused, you're fittin' to lose."

(Again, here's the song for those curious)

If Chuck Knoblauch was good at two things, it was hits and errors, so that's always been a favorite line of mine.  Well done Masta Ace.

I'll finish this up with just a quick little reference to a blog I either knew about and forgot, or that I never knew about and just found.  It's the Tim Wallach blog, which can be found here.

The guy is trying to acquire literally every Wallach card of all time, which is pretty fantastic from my point of view as a player collector who just wants one of each distinct card.  He wants every card ever, as many as possible, and I admire that kind of insanity.  So if you guys have any Tim Wallach cards, send them his way - I would if I could!

And that finishes the first Wild Card Wednesday.

Hope you all enjoyed it!

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