Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wild Card Wednesday #2 - School, Tom Brady, and Pavement

Being back at work/school has made it tough to consistently post, but unlike past years, this year is all good.  That's because I am

As I think I mentioned before, this past Spring I was hired to teach at a new school, and we Just happen to be the Warriors.  It's a complete 180 from my last school - good systems in places, lots of support, I get two plan bells a day instead of zero plus a half hour lunch instead of eating with the kids - its crazy how different things are.  I have a longer day by an hour and a half AND a ton more kids to teach AND a ton more paperwork to fill out...but it feels like so much less.  So life is good in the mooss household workwise.

As for Tom Brady, his quad card in 2002 Pacific Heads up Quads (the gold version /45) popped up recently.  So that's why I mention him...its crazy hard to find and is already at $35...Im gonna make a run at it and hope I dont fall short.  The best part for me is probably the worst part for most people - it has a dual patch of Patrick Pass on the back
But everyone else‘s bids are likely all about Brady.  

Here's the auction if you fellas care to watch  Wish me luck!

Last but not least, I‘ve really gotten into the band Pavement recently.  Anyone else dig their stuff?  Their one song Cut Your Hair was the inspiration for the PTI theme on ESPN

I think my favorite is Stereo or In the Mouth a Desert though.

This has been another Wild Card Wednesday.  Party on Wayne!

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  1. I love blog posts that include music... especially awesome songs like The Warrior. Shooting at the walls of heartache... Bang Bang. Best of luck on the Brady. Heart to heart you'll win... if you survive. The Warrior.